What does Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt’s mansion for sale look like and hoe much does it cost?

The latest news about what was once the most beautiful and strong family in Hollywood is not encouraging. First, the eldest daughter refused her father’s surname, and then a post from one of the couple’s sons surfaced, calling the actor a “world-class asshole.” Against this sad background, it is already difficult to remember what Brangelina’s family happiness was like. But the couple once owned luxurious and cozy nests in three countries: a castle-winery in France (for which the ex-lovers are still fiercely fighting in court ), a villa in Mallorca and several houses in America, including a historic estate in New Orleans . It will soon go under the hammer. There were no buyers for the $5.35 million that the agent initially asked for, so the mansion will be put up for auction. The starting price is a million dollars.

The 1830s Parisian-style building includes seven bedrooms, a swimming pool, a gym, five bathrooms and two powder rooms. The new owners will enjoy an original antique interior – wooden floors, walls with Venetian plaster, marble fireplaces, stucco moldings and other luxury. For all this splendor, Brad and Angelina paid $3.5 million back in 2007.

Interestingly, the couple purchased the house shortly after one of the most devastating disasters in American history – Hurricane Katrina. About 80% of New Orleans was under water, and approximately 700 thousand people lost their homes. Then Pitt founded the Make It Right foundation, which helped build new budget housing for victims.

Alas, the noble idea turned out to be unsuccessful. Last year, New Orleans residents won a $20.5 million lawsuit against the fund. And all because the houses were built from low-quality materials and did not meet safety standards. However, according to media reports, no one paid them the money. True, Brad won’t be able to pay off the debt with the proceeds for the mansion either: he and Angelina sold it back in 2016. So the actor has no choice but to burst onto movie screens in some next box office blockbuster. Well, we are waiting!

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