Selena Gomez showed off a new look.

Even before it became clear that singer Selena Gomez suffered from mental health problems that developed as a result of a long battle with the autoimmune disease lupus, the artist often experimented with her appearance. Fans saw her as a blonde, a brunette, and a fair-haired one, and with different hair lengths. However, in recent years, the girl did not dare to change: probably, in pursuit of a stable mental state, Selena certainly had no time for beauty experiments.

However, the day before, on a banned social network, Gomez showed that for the first time in a long time she had changed her hairstyle: instead of the dark-haired singer of the hit Love you like a love song, fans again saw the blonde Selena. Moreover, the artist chose not a solid blonde, but a complex, stylish coloring. In short, Gomez decided to end the year in a cool way, which made her followers incredibly happy.

Fans noted with affection that this Selena reminds them of the actress at the beginning of her career, when she boldly changed her looks and shone on the red carpet in one thing or another. Well, of course, there was a fly in the ointment. For example, some Daily Mail readers suggested that the change in image is associated with new procedures on the face: “They (celebrities – editor’s note ) always do this when they have worked on their face to divert attention.”
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