Kylie Jenner showed photos of grown-up children – subscribers‘ opinions were divided.

In honor of America’s most family-friendly holiday – Thanksgiving – reality TV star and beauty empire owner Kylie Jenner shared a black and white portrait of her children with rapper Travis Scott. Fans were delighted with the cute content: some noted that 5-year-old Stormi is becoming more and more like her mother, while others were surprised at how much one-and-a-half-year-old Air has grown – after all, Kylie doesn’t make us happy with his photos so often “Stormi is just a copy of Kylie, this is crazy”, “Oh my God, Air is already so huge”, “The Kardashian-Jenner family has really great children, but Kylie has the most beautiful”, “It’s funny how genes work. Kylie got such beautiful babes, and Kim got four Kanye,” Internet users argue.

However, there were also reasons for criticism: many people thought the photo was not soulful enough and did not correspond to the warm atmosphere of the holiday. “Another staging instead of an honest shot”, “She never looks relaxed and happy… Even with her children she poses somehow unnaturally”, “Her eyes always look so dead”, “The children are cute, but their mother looks 48 years,” “It seems like they just don’t film together often and don’t spend much time with each other. Very strange photo!” – say readers of the Daily Mail tabloid.

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