Megan Fox said she lost another child.

Megan Fox admitted that she experienced another unsuccessful pregnancy – this time an ectopic one. In a conversation with PageSix, the actress admitted that she has many secrets that she is afraid to tell the world about: according to her, there were many difficult moments in her life. One of them was an ectopic pregnancy in youth.

„Because I had an ectopic pregnancy when I was younger, I had other things that I’m not going to talk about because God forbid the world would make a fuss,“ she said.

Previously, the actress admitted that she was pregnant: she was expecting a daughter from her current lover Colson Baker, but lost the child. She revealed this secret in her collection of poems entitled “Beautiful Boys Are Poisonous,” where she dedicated poems to her unborn daughter.

In the same book, she wrote a lot about painful addiction and toxic relationships. As Fox’s fans understand, many of the poems in the collection are dedicated to Colson Baker, with whom she recently had relationship problems. In addition, Megan admitted that she had a difficult relationship with a certain “very famous person,” whose name she did not want to mention.

Megan Fox has three sons with ex-husband Brian Austin Green. Because of them, she often faces criticism: one of her sons prefers to dress like a girl, but she allows him to.

Megan Fox has also spoken more than once about mental problems: for example, the actress, who is considered one of Hollywood’s sex symbols, admitted that she suffers from dysmorphophobia (a condition in which a person is overly concerned about his own appearance and seems unattractive).

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