Beyoncé’s mother calls those who think her daughter is „lightening her skin“ and „wanting to be white“ racist.

Tina_Knowles, Beyonce’s_mother, spoke out in support of her daughter, calling out detractors‘ „racist“_statements.The singer was chastised after photographs of her with blond hair and pale skin surfaced online.Following this, the singer was ridiculed and likened to Kim Kardashian, who was also a blonde not long ago.

She expressed her outrage at „foolish, ignorant_racist_remarks“ about Beyoncé „brightening her skin color“ and „wearing silver hair to look white.“

She claimed that Beyoncé only attended the event in that manner because it was the theme, and she dubbed critics „morons.“

„She’s in a movie called ‚Renaissance,‘ and the entire theme is silver, with silver_hair, a silver_carpet, and a silver_outfit, and you idiots believe she’s attempting to be white and lightening her skin,“ Tina Knowles snarled in his Instagram post*.

„It’s heartbreaking that some people propagate this stupid story with hostility and envy,“ she went on to say.

Finally, she mentioned that Beyoncé would be upset with her reaction, but she didn’t have any more strength.“I’m sick and tired of people insulting her. Every_accomplishment she achieves is a result of her hard work, talent, and resilience.“

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