„She’s a great mom, but she still embarasses me sometimes.“ Kaia Gerber on her mother Cindy Crawford

During the Planet_Omega_exhibition_in_New_York, Kaia Gerber told People magazine about her relationship with her mother, supermodel_Cindy_Crawford.

Recently, they have been working_together on several projects at once, but they also find time for joint leisure. „I feel like we’ve developed a really strong_connection, we have a strong_friendship – outside of the mother-daughter relationship that’s been so fun for me over the last few years,“ Kaya says. She noted that she can attend a_variety_of_events_with_her _mother: for example, the Burning Man festival or retreats.

„She’s a great mom, although she still embarrasses me all the time,“ Gerber admits. „But it’s good! It brings me back to earth… I guess I embarrass her all the time, too.“

“We just laughed so hard on the red carpet,” Kaia said after posing next to her mother. “So I feel like I’m working less with my mom and more with a really_good_friend.”

Cindy Crawford noted that, working with her daughter, she sees in her a true professional. „I think that when we work_together, it’s no different_than_if_I_was_working with another_professional. I feel like when I work with you, it’s not at all like, ‚Oh, I’m working with my daughter.“ Her name is Kaya, and she has her place in the world.“

Kaia Gerber is successfully pursuing a modeling career following the example of her mother: she already has many contracts with fashion brands and participation in iconic events. Because of this, Kaya is often called_a_nepo_baby _online: recently, children of stars who use the popularity of their parents for their careers have faced criticism.

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