Where is the bird hiding in the photo? You have 7 seconds to find her.

Our bird puzzle today is an excellent exercise for those who want to become much more attentive . But I have to warn you: a seemingly simple task hides a lot of difficulties. Birds are great at hiding from prying eyes. Therefore, you should not hope that everything will work out the first time. But I can guarantee: after such an exercise, your brain will definitely receive a lot of useful impressions!

Puzzle with a bird for the most attentive eyes

Winged Lurkers

Don’t underestimate the ability of birds to blend into their surroundings . Even ornithologists with many years of experience, experts in the behavior of all kinds of birds, are sometimes forced to lie in the mud for several hours in a row, waiting for the right moment. It’s good that in our task you don’t need to first approach the winged lurker.

Brain exercises

This is understandable, because the body can be trained in the gym. But quality brain training has always been difficult for most of us. Intellectual games , like chess, require a worthy partner. You won’t get far with crossword puzzles alone, and diligently learning foreign languages ​​is quite difficult.

This is where three main types of riddles come to our aid . Mathematical problems train pure logic and the ability to quickly and correctly carry out the necessary calculations. Non-standard thinking tasks give us the opportunity to show our creative potential and go beyond the ordinary.

Looking for a bird

But today’s bird puzzle belongs to the third category – tasks of pure attentiveness ! After all, in addition to abstract thinking, it is also vitally important for a person to be observant in time . But not every one of us was born sharp-eyed and observant.

Fortunately, problems like the bird puzzle can help even the most inattentive person become quite observant over time. So, our task today is to find the cunning bird in the illustration below in 7 seconds. Time has passed, let’s get down to business!

Not an easy task

Were you able to complete the task within the allotted seconds? Congratulations, your powers of observation are beyond praise! After all, statistics show that only seven out of a hundred people meet the deadline. And this is mainly only because from their youth they have the skills necessary for the task.

However, no need to worry. As we mentioned above, it is quite possible to train observation skills from scratch . Just regularly solve problems like our puzzle today – and everything will be fine. Well, try to find our bird in the very center of the picture. You will definitely succeed!

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