The clock puzzle. Only the smartest will understand what’s going on here.

Our clock puzzle today is a classic example of a puzzle in which the subject is asked to recognize the trick . Often these problems are quite simple when you understand what the intrigue was in the first place . True, in order to understand this, you will have to work hard. Well, or use for its intended purpose the knowledge that you last used at your school desk. Not a bad way to refresh your memory!

Clock Riddle: A Puzzle for Intellectuals

The beauty of puzzles

The legendary Bruce Lee used to say: “ My most problematic opponent is me .” The world-famous martial arts master knew firsthand: no one prevents a person from achieving pre-set goals like himself. Bruce would definitely like our problem today!

The fact is that most puzzles are designed to combat the inertia of human thinking or overcome the so-called blurring effect. That’s why, in fact, it’s so nice to realize later that you coped with the task. It’s not often in our daily lives that a person has the opportunity to jump in over his head!

The essence of the problem

Our clock riddle today will give you the opportunity to show off how good your memory is . At first glance, however, this task looks even too simple. So, in front of you is a clock dial with hands moving along it. Your task is to understand in 10 seconds what’s wrong with this dial!

Practice shows that true geniuses need a maximum of four seconds to solve our problem . Observant and smart people fit into eight seconds. Everyone else can only hope for a random insight. There have been cases when subjects spent 10 or more minutes looking at the dial!

Correct answer

The time has come to reveal our secret . Take a closer look at the upper left part of the dial. I think by now you’ve noticed that the Roman numerals are mixed up there! To be precise, the artist screwed up the placement of the „nine“ and „eleven“ marks by simply swapping them around. But not everyone is able to quickly notice this…

For most of us, Roman numerals are as much a part of information known to every person as the multiplication table. As you can see, our ideas do not entirely correspond to the truth. Over the years, a huge number of people forget everything they ever learned in school. Experts warn that sooner or later this trend will lead to real problems. It’s good that people like you are not forgetful people!

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