“I went to a restaurant and spent $200,000.” Revelations of the wife of a millionaire from Dubai.

Linda Andrande, wife of a millionaire from Dubai , lives a life most of us can only dream of . There is no item or service that Linda cannot receive. Receive $52,000 “for pins” from your husband in between? No problem. Gatherings in a restaurant for several hundred thousand dollars? Easily. Lose half a million at the races? Yes please. But just 8 years ago there was no trace of all this luxury in Linda’s life.

The Millionaire’s Wife: The Magical Story of Linda Andrande

Money money money

Today, 24-year-old Linda Andrande is a carefree wife of a millionaire from Dubai, who daily enjoys all the imaginable and inconceivable benefits of civilization. It’s clear that the beauty doesn’t bother herself with making money. Madame Andrandé is supported entirely by her husband , a Dubai cryptocurrency trader.

The exact size of Linda’s hubby’s net worth is unknown. According to some sources, he is a multimillionaire . Others claim that the impressive Ricky Andrande has already earned his first billion and is well on his way to his second. One thing can be said with certainty: the Dubai man does not skimp on his wife and does not deny her anything.

Diary of a Socialite

The wife of a millionaire runs a page on a social network where she demonstrates her luxurious life to the public . Linda Andrande’s average day consists of wandering around expensive restaurants, jewelry stores, luxury boutiques and high-end casinos. The beauty is not limited in her means. According to Linda, she once spent $236,000 on a very ordinary Wednesday.

Detailed list

Now Linda Andrandé is slowly preparing herself for motherhood . Part of this preparation involves creating detailed wish lists for your husband. You see, the wife of a millionaire does not agree to give her spouse an heir or heiress just like that. Hubby is going to have to shell out some serious cash for this one!

So, for each trimester of pregnancy, Madame Andrandé wants a precious Rolex from her husband. Linda and her child will also have to own a separate mansion and a prestigious investment apartment. The woman also demands from her husband three luxury cars and a yacht. Well, after giving birth, Ricky undertakes to give his wife a ring with a diamond, blue or pink, depending on the gender of the baby.

Linda outlined these demands in a separate legal document . Well, in addition to the above list, the multimillionaire will also have to organize for his wife all the usual romance. Fresh flowers every day, regular trips to beauty salons, shopping and gambling – Madame Andrande is not going to deviate from the lifestyle she loves.

Interesting detail

Nevertheless, the story of Linda and Ricky differs markedly from the classic relationship between a millionaire in love and his “toy” wife. You see, the couple’s relationship began 8 years ago, when the future moneybag worked as a dishwasher in a roadside cafe. Linda supported her lover in all his endeavors. It is possible that without her support Ricky would never have achieved success . An unusual story, to be sure!

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