“Before I met her, my life was empty.” George Clooney thought he would never get married.

In the past, an avid Hollywood bachelor, and currently a loving husband and caring father, George Clooney gave an exclusive interview to GQ magazine, in which he frankly spoke about his innermost things – his wife and children. Previously, the prestigious publication named the 59-year-old actor “Person of the Year.” What filled his life with meaning and what is the legendary actor afraid of? First things first.

George Clooney spoke about his wife and children

The Oscar winner admitted that he had not planned to start a family for a long time. But one fine day he met with the one and only – and she turned his whole life upside down. We are talking about 42-year-old Amal, whom the actor led down the aisle in 2014. And already in June 2017, the family was replenished with a pair of twins – Alexander and Ella.

“I really thought I would never get engaged or have children. I naively believed that everything was fine with me: I had a job, friends, a busy life. However, it turned out that it was empty. When I met Amal, my life finally became meaningful ,” recalls George Clooney.

Grew up and settled down

Who would have thought that a convinced childfree and ardent ladies‘ man would finally find his happiness: “I could not even imagine that one day someone’s life would become more dear to me than my own . And then two more little people appeared in our family, who need to be taken care of and, of course, fed . ”


My biggest fear is not seeing them again

The actor also told what he was thinking about when he was in a terrible accident two years ago: “At that time, my children were about a year old. The only thing that worried me was that I might never see them again . “

Locked up, but no offense

During the quarantine, the Hollywood handsome man had to learn new responsibilities – household duties. According to Clooney, his family spent almost the entire 2020 in self-isolation and rarely left the walls of their home.

“I helped around the house in every possible way: I cleaned, did laundry and washed dishes every day . I guess I felt exactly the same as my mother in 1964 ,” jokes the actor.

George claims that during quarantine he tried himself in a new role – a hairdresser. So, he had to bring beauty not only to his own head, but also to the tops of his heirs.

“Yes, I cut my own hair . Moreover, I also cut my children’s hair. And then I also clean up after that ,” Clooney says.

How did Amal manage to curb someone who was known as a famous heartthrob and womanizer? It was very easy – she just washed the dishes . Much water has passed under the bridge since then. But despite constant rumors about an imminent divorce , the spouses do not even think about going their separate ways. Let us remind you that on September 27 of this year, George and Amal Clooney celebrated their sixth wedding anniversary – on which we congratulate them!

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