In 2006, Madonna adopted a boy from Malawi. What does he look like now.

Madonna Louise Ciccone, better known as Madonna, is one of the most successful_performers of our time, the universally recognized queen of pop music. According to the Guinness Book of Records, Madonna is the most commercially_successful_singer in the history of music, and she is also a happy mother of six children.

From her partner_Carlos_Leon, the singer_gave_birth_to a daughter, Lourdes, then, in her marriage to Guy Ritchie, she had a son, Rocco, and a little later the family adopted a boy from Malawi, he was namedDavid. Later, after a divorce from the famous_director, Madonna adopted three more children from the same African country. We decided to see who her eldest adopted_son_became.

David Banda Ciccone-Ricci was adopted by Madonna in 2006. The boy lost his mother during childbirth, and the father was so poor that he simply abandoned the child. Having arrived in Malawi on a humanitarian mission, the singer decided to adopt a 13-month-old baby.

The singer chose him from hundreds of other children because David was sick with pneumonia and urgently needed medical_attention. Madonna literally saved his life, but the adoption process turned out to be quite problematic. According to Malawian laws, upon adoption, parents are required to live in the country for a year and a half, but the singer spat on the laws and flew home the very next day.

When David was two years old, Madonna_divorced Richie, and the boy and his half-brother Rocco had to live in two countries. Even today, they often visit their father; Richie often goes out with the boys.

In 2017, David visited Malawi with his mother and sisters. He got acquainted with the work of the singer’s charitable foundation, visited his native village and even met his biological father.


And although the boy is not the singer’s own son, he has a huge amount of talent. David dances, sings and plays music very well; Madonna often shares videos of her adopted son’s virtuoso performances on social networks.

However, a little later, the guy discovered a new talent; now he is absorbed in playing for the Benfica youth team. Madonna_even_moved_to_Portugal to be with David. And although she supports him in everything, the singer once wrote that her adopted son would someday become the president of Malawi.

It is still unclear what the future awaits young David, but we can already say that Madonna did everything she could and even more for the poor African boy. Well, we expect great things from him.

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