Kate Middleton accused of hypocrisy: asking for donations of expensive clothes.

As it became known the other day, Kate Middleton seriously outraged the British. The reason, interestingly, was not so much in the words of the Duchess of Cambridge , but in her clothes. But what could have infuriated yesterday’s fans of Prince William’s wife and how they reacted to Kate’s good intentions, you will find out with us in the next couple of minutes.

Kate Middleton outraged the British

It’s probably no secret that royals quite often take part in one or another charity event. For example, King Charles has been worrying about our little brothers for many years now. Interestingly, over the years of his life, the current monarch of Great Britain has condemned the trade in wild animals. The man’s attention did not ignore hunting, which is so common in these parts.

Other representatives of the British monarchy also do not stand aside. True, sometimes even with good intentions they cannot avoid scandals and waves of indignation. So, for example, the other day the wife of Prince William fell under the discontent of her subjects. What can we say, Kate Middleton seriously outraged the British. But what could be the reason, you ask.

As you know, Kate is worried about the problems of British children. The Duchess of Cambridge has been working on her own project with the Children in Need foundation for several years. Thus, the woman’s actions are aimed at studying the importance of early development. The start of the next charity fundraiser was announced by the wife of Prince William in the media resources of the BBC television channel.

„It’s important to take care of children“

By the way, Kate Middleton shared important news on the official blog of The Prince and Princess of Wales on Instagram. You can view the appeal here . “Today we will help support, protect and empower all children to be the best they can be. This is critical to their future health and happiness. It is very important that we take care of early childhood. This is why the projects supported by Children in Need are so important.”

The Duchess appeared in an elegant look befitting her position. Thanks to the stylists, her hair was styled in beautiful waves. Makeup artists gave the princess neutral makeup, emphasizing her naturalness. The highlight was the Lisou Betty silk blouse. And, alas, it was precisely the latter that attracted such a wave of indignation from the British.

You see, said blouse costs about $400. While Kate herself is collecting donations for children across the UK. “Just take off your clothes and help the children!”, “Is it normal to beg for a donation and be dressed so provocatively?”, “It seems like something happened to Kate – she hasn’t done this before,” “Looks like a mockery.”

What do you think about this? Should the Duchess really have dressed more modestly for such treatment? Don’t forget to share your thoughts with us in the comments.

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