Photos of Lady Di that prove she was unhappy in her marriage.

The fact that the marriage of the Princess of Wales and Prince Charles was doomed became clear from the very beginning. Of course, not without the help of the paparazzi. Photographers captured every step, every glance and the slightest changes in the facial expressions of the august couple. Despite the fact that Lady Di tried in every possible way to hide the pain and warm her fans with her smile, sometimes true feelings burst out. We show photographs of Princess Diana , which prove that she was unhappy in her marriage.

Photos of Princess Diana that show what 15 years of marriage cost her

Sudden popularity

After her engagement to Prince Charles, Diana received such press attention that you wouldn’t wish on your enemy. Of course, for a girl leading a measured life and working as an assistant teacher in a kindergarten, this was too much. Over time, the charming woman got used to her role and communicated with journalists in such a way that everyone around gasped with admiration. However, the princess did not immediately adapt to this. Below is a photo that was taken during a polo tournament in 1981, before the couple tied the knot. Diana looked downcast.

Constant pressure from the press and the royal family

Life according to protocol, tricky questions from journalists and reproaches from her chosen one accompanied the princess from the very moment she said the cherished “yes” to Charles. She knew how to masterfully hide her true emotions, but sometimes despair took precedence over reason. Once Diana even burst into tears while driving her car. This pre-wedding photo of the couple clearly demonstrates how frightened Welsh was by the attention of the paparazzi. “They are just doing their job, but sometimes I wish they wouldn’t do it ,” the princess admitted.

This is not the kind of love I dreamed of

Immediately after the announcement of their engagement, Charles went to answer questions from journalists. One of them asked the prince: “Do you love each other?” To which he replied: “Whatever that means . ” Diana, on the contrary, was sure that marriage should be entered into for love, and not for calculation. We can imagine how much the girl in love was hurt by the groom’s rash words. The presented frame shows how the prince distantly holds his hand on the bride’s shoulder. Judging by her body language, the princess was not used to such attention and was very embarrassed.

Charles’s actions almost ruined the wedding

On the eve of the wedding, the princess discovered a bracelet on the groom that was intended for Camilla Parker Bowles . Diana was stunned, because earlier the prince assured that his affair with Camilla was a thing of the past, and they were connected only by friendship. However, Welsh’s sisters convinced her that the wedding ceremony should take place. “When I walked to the altar, I was looking for Camilla ,” Lady Di later admitted. And she was there. The image of her rival in a black hat with feathers, seen at her own wedding, was forever etched in her memory.

The honeymoon turned into another nightmare

Every evening of the honeymoon, the newly made spouses had to entertain representatives of high society at social receptions. Due to the increased attention, Diana’s bulimia attacks became more frequent. But the couple went to Balmoral, where they could finally devote themselves to each other. However, the husband did not take a step forward – instead, he spent time reading and drawing. In her dreams, the princess saw Camilla, and in reality she found photographs of her in Charles’s diaries. That’s why she doesn’t look happy in her honeymoon photo.

Postpartum depression

According to statistics, every tenth young mother suffers from depression after childbirth. Princess Diana was no exception. “I traveled around the country and consoled all kinds of people. But upon returning home, there was no one to console me ,” admitted the People’s Princess. She was forced to deal with anxiety, depression and irritability on her own. The Welshwoman could barely cope, and sometimes hurt herself. But instead of supporting his wife, Charles called her “unbalanced . ”

Spouse’s envy

The royal tour of Australia in 1983 marked the beginning of the breakdown of their marriage. It was during this journey that Charles realized that the public liked Diana more. For four weeks he heard his wife being complimented and being simply ignored. “People’s attention to me caused me great jealousy. As a result, many difficult situations arose. This was the beginning of the end ,” the princess recalled. This photo shows that Diana was burned and very tired. But the husband, apparently, was too immersed in his own thoughts.

Love on the side

In 1986, tension between the spouses reached its peak. In the summer, Charles moved to Highgrove and resumed his relationship with Camilla. Well, Diana sought solace in the arms of Captain James Hewitt. Later, the princess said a phrase that became popular: “There were three of us in marriage, but I don’t like crowds . ”

Logical conclusion

In this photo, it is obvious that the spouses have irrevocably moved away from each other. However, they were told to play their roles to the end. Despite the pressure from the royal family, Charles and Diana were already too tired to put on fake smiles. It is noteworthy that shortly after their last joint tour in 1992, the British press nicknamed the couple “the gloomy ones . ” Although the princess hoped to the last to save the marriage, in 1996 their union finally broke up.

Based on Charles’s beliefs, if it weren’t for Diana’s straightforwardness, they would not have separated . Do you think it was possible to save the marriage? Feel free to share your opinion in the comments!

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