A fan died at a Taylor Swift concert. What happened?

As it became known, Taylor Swift’s concert in Rio de Janeiro on November 17 ended in tragedy. Thus, one of the fans of the popular singer died after being taken to the hospital. But what could have caused this and how the celebrity reacted to it, you will find out with us in the next few minutes.

Taylor Swift concert

It’s hard to imagine that while the first snow is falling in our country, somewhere people are suffering due to abnormal heat. Unfortunately, this is exactly what happened just a few days ago in Brazil. So, on November 17, Taylor Swift’s first concert took place in Rio de Janeiro. Unfortunately, the American star’s performance ended in a tragic accident.

The fact is that one of the singer’s fans became ill. Moreover, the girl even lost consciousness. She was quickly taken to the hospital, but doctors were unable to save the life of Taylor’s fan. She had a heart attack. But the reason could be not only the previously mentioned abnormal heat, but also the negligence of the concert organizers.

You see, everyone who wanted to listen to their favorite performer and look at her with even one eye was forbidden to bring water with them. But that day the air temperature exceeded 40 degrees. Of course, the stadium itself had air conditioning systems turned on. But, alas, only those who were in the stands could purchase water.

“She was incredibly beautiful and too young”

Swift herself understood perfectly well that it was simply impossible to do without water. The singer herself had to fight the stifling heat, and did not forget to throw bottles to her fans. The celebrity also ordered to distribute water to everyone. But, as you understand, it was physically impossible to provide the necessary equipment for an army of thousands of spectators at the same time.

Soon, a statement appeared on the singer’s blog on Instagram that Taylor Swift’s concert was being postponed due to abnormal heat. And when it became known about the tragedy, the artist could not help but ignore it. “I’m heartbroken to say that we lost a fan today before my show. She was incredibly beautiful and too young. I feel this loss deeply. My broken heart aches with her family and friends. I couldn’t even imagine that something like this could happen.”

It is worth noting that Ana Clara Benevides Machado (the name of the deceased) flew to the concert of her idol from the central-western region of Brazil. The girl was incredibly excited about this opportunity. And she constantly sent photos and videos from the scene to her family. At the moment, the prosecutor’s office is investigating the tragedy and has opened a criminal case.

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