What the Duchess of Alba looked like in her youth. The woman to whom Queen Elizabeth II herself bowed.

Cayetana Stewart was the most titled aristocrat in the world, heiress to a multimillion-dollar fortune, a popular favorite and childhood friend of Queen Elizabeth II herself. Despite all her merits, fascinating biography and rebellious character, the media was only interested in the woman’s appearance. Many condemned her for her passion for plastic surgery. But she was once known as a real beauty. We show what the Duchess of Alba looked like in her youth .

What the Duchess of Alba looked like in her youth

More than 6 years have passed since Cayetana Stewart left this mortal coil. However, the press continues to openly mock the woman because of her appearance. The Duchess is called a victim of plastic surgery . But few people know that the most noble lady of Spain simply wanted to restore her former beauty to her face disfigured by disease.

This is due to Melkersson-Rosenthal syndrome , which causes paralysis of the facial nerve, swelling of the lips, neck, cheeks and nose. Accustomed to compliments and male attention, the august charmer could not come to terms with her new appearance and tried to restore her delicate features with the help of plastic surgery. However, the intervention of surgeons rather disfigured her appearance even more than restored her to her previous shape.

Young and beautiful

Looking at the photographs of 88-year-old Cayetana Stewart, it is hard to believe that this woman was previously considered one of the first beauties of Spain. In addition to her attractive appearance, the Duchess of Alba had an inquisitive mind and many talents. She spoke fluent French, English and German. She was partial to tennis, horse riding, skiing and flamenco. There is an opinion that no one could dance this dance better than her .

It is noteworthy that in terms of the number of titles, the Duchess of Alba was ahead of her bosom friend Queen Elizabeth II. By the way, the friendship between little Cayetana and Lizzie began in childhood, since during World War II the girl’s parents were forced to seek refuge with their crowned friends in London. Of course, no one could refuse the noble Alba family, which surpasses all European monarchs in nobility .

Cayetana’s origins are so noble that, according to protocol, Queen Elizabeth II herself had to curtsy to her. The fact is that the Duchess of Alba had the largest number of titles in the world : 18 titles of Grandee of Spain, 7 titles of Duchess, 24 Marquises, 22 Countesses and Baronesses. She owned more than 10 castles, the walls of which are decorated with masterpieces by Velazquez, Goya and Titian.

Gave up everything for love

Moreover, being the richest figure in Spain, the duchess’s priority was always tremulous feelings. No matter what the family said, she always walked down the aisle only out of love. Therefore, her marriages were often scandalous, but strong and happy. Especially the last one, when it turned out that the duchess’s chosen one was 20 years younger , and also a commoner. Then the royal house of Spain forbade Cayetana to marry.

The monarchy was sure that the groom was pursuing selfish goals and wanted to inherit all her wealth. Then the resourceful duchess found a way out and hit two birds with one stone. Firstly, she paid off her six children , transferring the entire inheritance to them. Secondly, Cayetana checked her husband, who stayed with her and proved that he did not love the bride for money.

Soon, the 85-year-old Duchess famously danced flamenco at her own wedding to loud applause from the public. The public really admired Cayetana very much and even erected a bronze monument to her in her native Seville. Her violent temper and eccentric character left no one indifferent. And even those who couldn’t stand the wayward young lady noted that her self-sufficiency and energy could only be envied.

Cayetana was known as a passionate admirer of life, and the only thing she regretted was that she listened to her first husband and did not pose completely naked for Picasso. Unfortunately, the Duchess of Alba passed away in 2014. It was a great loss for all of Seville. However, the Spaniard herself would probably prefer to be remembered with a smile on her face .

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