How Alex Rodriguez reacted to JLo’s reunion with her ex Ben Affleck.

Recently, Jennifer Lopez broke up with her lover Alex Rodriguez . However, not even a month has passed since everyone actively began to discuss the singer’s new novel . True, not so new, but rather a well-forgotten old one. There are rumors that Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez have_rekindled their relationship. Read on for details!

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez: are they really back_together?

Every day, rumors that J.Lo and Affleck have gotten back together are fueled by more and more new details. Let’s go in order.

JLo and Alex Rodriguez, to whom she was engaged , announced their separation in mid-April. The celebrities emphasized that they still maintained good relations and would continue some joint projects. They worked on the relationship for a long time, but the union could not be saved.

Ben Affleck is Jennifer Lopez’s ex. In the 2000s, they were one of the most prominent and discussed couples. So much discussed that the press simply did not give them a pass. Actually, this greatly influenced the outcome of the stars’ relationship. Affleck split from 33-year-old_actress_Ana_de_Armas_earlier this year. It turned out that former lovers Jennifer and Ben found themselves alone .

At first, JLo and Affleck were seen together_several_times. It is believed that the actor spends a lot of time at Lopez’s house. Then the couple (or perhaps not a couple) went on vacation together – to one of the resorts in Montana. People insiders claim that the artists looked very happy together.

Rumor has it that it was Ben Affleck’s initiative to revive the relationship . He literally flooded Lopez with messages when she was filming in the Dominican Republic. Let us remember that even during the breakup, Ben Affleck always spoke very warmly about his ex-girlfriend. Repeatedly publicly praised her and showered her with compliments.

Affleck also supported the star after her breakup with Rodriguez. Jennifer is said to be open to giving her relationship with Ben a second chance . Indeed, their romance ended without a logical conclusion.

How did Alex Rodriguez react?

Insiders claim that Rodriguez is going through the breakup with J. Lo (also fueled by rumors about her return to Affleck) hard. At first, everyone said that the singer and the athlete broke up because of his infidelity . But we don’t know whether this is so. Those around Rodriguez say that he wanted to return to Jennifer Lopez. I called, hoping that they would be able to work on their relationship. But Lopez apparently didn’t listen to him.

The history of the relationship_between_Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez

The star romance_began_in_2002, when J.Lo and Ben Affleck starred together in the romantic_comedy Gigli. That same year, the actor proposed to Jennifer. The press dubbed the couple with the neologism Bennifer . which became so popular that it began to be included in dictionaries.

The wedding was scheduled for 2003, but it was canceled the day before the ceremony. All because of the annoying press, which literally pursued the stars. Unfortunately, the wedding was postponed for the month of November. Perhaps it will come after all, and their love story will continue.

Matt Damon on his best friend’s affair

Ben Affleck’s friend, actor Matt Damon, spoke on television about the resumption of the couple’s relationship. True, he did not say anything specific, emphasizing that he would not chat about it. Although he added that the couple’s_story_fascinates him, and he loves them both.

Would you like to see the love story between JLo and Ben_Affleck_continued?

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