Why Brad Pitt’s new passion haunts Angelina Jolie.

Few people believed in Brad Pitt’s new novel. After all, as you know, the star of Hollywood_blockbusters was in no hurry to start a serious relationship for a long time. Alas, the man’s divorce_proceedings_with_Angelina Jolie played a significant_role here. However, what cannot but please his fans is that all this seems to be behind him. After all, the famous bachelor has already introduced Ines de Ramon as his girlfriend. Details, as always, in the next couple of minutes.

Brad Pitt’s novel

The legal_proceedings between Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie dragged on for seven_long_years. But it all started so_romantically. Main roles in the film „Mr. and Mrs. Smith“, walks on the beach and even the status of the most beautiful couple in Hollywood. But the fairy tale ended as quickly as it began. And now both can enjoy freedom.

And while some Internet users tirelessly criticize Jolie’s fashion launch related to eco-friendly outfits, others are discussing Brad Pitt’s novel. As you probably know, the actor was caught in the company of Ines de Ramon last year. However, the man was in no hurry to reveal the annoying paparazzi into his personal life. At least that was the case until recently.

Some speculate that Pitt simply didn’t want to rush things. After all, he has already been repeatedly accused of having affairs with different girls. So, for example, it’s worth remembering Emily Ratajkowski and Nicole Poturalski. And the priority was to complete the divorce proceedings with Jolie. But all this is behind us, and now you can plunge headlong into a new relationship.

„Healed my heart“

Moreover, Brad is not even going to hide with his chosen one now. Thus, the lovers recently attended the 12th annual LACMA Art+Film gala in Los Angeles. True, the couple did not want to pose on the red carpet, preferring to get lost among the other guests of the event. Nevertheless, insiders unanimously insist that Pitt and Ramon that evening “were gentle with each other, laughed and generally had a good time.”

In addition, one cannot help but lose sight of the fact that Brad himself introduces Ines to his friends as nothing more than his soul mate. And, according to insiders, everything is serious between the actor and the fitness trainer. Also, importantly, the man considers this novel his first real relationship after breaking up with Jolie.

We are glad to see the actor and his loyal fans happy. So, on the Internet you can often come across comments about a man’s new novel. “It’s great to see him in good shape,” “Pitt has finally healed his heart,” “Let’s keep our fingers crossed for the end of Brad’s bachelor_life,” “Ines, don’t let him down.” I wonder if Jolie will waste her time_commenting on this matter?

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