The reason why girls ran from Tom Cruise.

After a high-profile divorce from Nicole Kidman, the elders of the Church of Scientology decided to find Tom Cruise a bride from among their contenders. Being a faithful follower of religion, the actor supported this initiative. Then the followers of the faith were given a secret casting, the key question of which was: “Do you like Tom Cruise?”

How Scientologists chose a bride for Tom Cruise

Soon after the Hollywood handsome man’s separation from Nicole Kidman , which caused a wave of indignation and rumors around the church, influential adherents of the religion decided to insure themselves against possible scandals by choosing the actor’s wife among the faithful parishioners. Journalist Maureen Orth told how Scientologists chose a bride for Tom Cruise .

While some are looking for lovers at the call of their hearts, others are entrusting their destiny to the church. One of these turned out to be Hollywood handsome Tom Cruise. The actor had a real casting of brides in the hope of finding a suitable passion. True, there was only one question about the star in the questionnaire: “Do you like Tom Cruise?” And the girls themselves thought that they were casting for the leading training program for followers of religion.

As a result, the choice of the elders fell on the 24-year-old English actress of Iranian origin, Nazanin Boniadi . According to insiders, the girl was convinced that she supposedly had a special purpose. For this reason, she even broke off relations with her former boyfriend. The potential bride was flown from London to New York, where they arranged a date with Cruise.

However, this romance did not last long. Tom complained about the girl, saying that she did not show tenderness and affection, and his generous actions remained unnoticed. In addition, Boniadi was reproached for his disrespectful attitude towards influential Scientologists. After just three months of dating, the couple decided to separate. Well, the story of their “love” was kept in the strictest confidence for a long time .

Just a couple of months later, Tom Cruise met Katie Holmes . Of course, the Catholic woman had nothing to do with the Church of Scientology. As they say, you can’t order your heart. Fortunately, the actress turned out to be a diligent wife. She not only accepted her husband’s faith, but also agreed to give birth in complete silence , as required by dogma. According to their teachings, any sounds spoken at the time of birth can negatively affect the child.

Scientologists believe that the most important thing in a wife is obedience

The actors‘ love lasted only five years. The reason for the separation was the same Scientology. Later, former church follower Mark Handley explained: “A woman should both please her man and be in awe of senior Scientologists. In the case of the Cruz girls, they went against religion. But personally, I think the main problem is Tom’s inadequacy . 

By the way, Katie managed to get custody of their daughter Suri . The actor himself refuses to maintain contact with the girl, since she does not share his faith. Tom’s only joy was his adopted children Isabella and Connor from his marriage to Nicole Kidman, whom he had involved in the church since childhood. Since his ex-wife was against this, he forbade his offspring to communicate with her. They still practice Scientology to this day.

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