Real cheapskates: celebrities whose greed is legendary.

Although world-famous celebrities receive exorbitant fees that we never dreamed of, many of them are real stingy people . Interestingly, this applies not only to personal life, relationships with family, loved ones and friends. For example, some celebrities are so famous that in restaurants they offer their autograph instead of money . It would seem that for them it’s pennies for dinner or lunch, because they have whole fortunes in their accounts. But apparently the rich have their own quirks. In our article today we present the greediest stars. They are loved and appreciated, but their stinginess is legendary.

The most greedy stars

Sarah Jessica Parker: not greedy, but homely

Apparently, Sarah Jessica Parker really got used to the role of her heroine Carrie Bradshaw in the cult series. Carrie always had no money, because she managed to spend all her earnings on expensive shoes. Sarah Jessica Parker probably got used to the heroine’s lack of money and transferred this to her life, starting to save a lot . So, Sarah often buys clothes at sales, although she can afford any expensive things. In addition, she is very careful about the electricity and water consumption in the house. Of course, this is more likely not greed, but environmental awareness. For which I thank Sarah very much.

Victoria Beckham

The former lead singer of the Spice Girls, designer and wife of footballer David Beckham is not particularly generous. The celebrity decided to make the most of her popularity. So, in fashion boutiques and beauty salons, Victoria does not always pay for services and things . In exchange, she encourages the owners and staff to call themselves a loyal customer. This is barter advertising. By the way, many stars and bloggers are doing this now. And few people call it greed.

In addition, Victoria Beckham, they say, often skimps on gifts for loved ones. Probably, the star follows the attitude that the main thing is not the gift, but the attention. Therefore, her gifts are often purely symbolic.

Paul McCartney

Men are also not very generous . Although there is a stereotype that they are easier to part with money. Beatles lead singer Paul McCartney proves otherwise. We don’t know whether it’s greed or not, but even those closest to him don’t receive gifts from the 79-year-old musician. Paul also easily comes to visit empty-handed. That’s right, why all these excesses, because the best gift is yourself.

Britney Spears

The pop icon of the 2000s, Britney Spears, was also known as a curmudgeon . We all know that Britney has had problems in her family for many years, but this is not a reason to refuse to pay the bill in establishments. Britney also doesn’t want to leave a tip. Of course, he has every right to do so.

Jennifer Lopez

In Jennifer Lopez’s case, it’s best to tell one telling story. Once upon a time, JLo was relaxing with Ben Affleck in a casino. The couple was together then, although now there are also rumors about their reunion . But that’s not what we’re talking about. Ben won a considerable amount – 10 thousand dollars. The actor was very happy and, inspired by the winnings, left a tip of $500 to the dealer. Instead of being happy for her loved one, J. Lo, seeing what was happening, ran to the dealer, took the tip and left $50. That’s it, there’s no point in wasting money to celebrate , my love.


One of the richest singers of our time also really does not like to part with her money. For dancers, choreographers and other artists, of course, it is an honor to work with a star of such magnitude. When it comes to paying people on the team, things get less fun. After all, Madonna is known for counting every penny allocated to team members. And yes, she doesn’t leave tips anywhere either.

What do you think, is this greed or not? Share your opinion in the comments.

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