How David and Victoria Beckham’s vacation in Italy was marred. You need to keep an eye on the kids!

What could be better than a summer holiday somewhere in sunny Italy with family, impressive water activities, delicious pasta and children’s laughter. So the Beckham family decided that there was nothing better, and almost the whole family went to Italy . They partially showed how David and Victoria Beckham relax with their children on their social networks. And we hasten to tell you about their vacation.


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David and Victoria Beckham are on holiday with their children in Italy

Now David and Victoria, together with their offspring, are exploring the Amalfi coast. This is a fabulous place that can make a traveler fall in love with it once and for all. It’s not for nothing that the star couple Beckham chose this place for their vacation. We are sure that their children are delighted too. True, not everyone went on vacation with their families . David and Victoria’s eldest sons, Brooklyn and Romeo, apparently refused to take a family vacation.


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But 16-year-old Cruz and his little sister Harper Seven , who recently celebrated her first big anniversary – 10 years old – are having a blast. Cruise showed fans how he jumps into the water from a yacht, doing all sorts of tricks, riding jet skis and large inflatable rings with his sister. By the way, older family members have no less fun. Victoria Beckham was the first to decide to take part in water adventures.


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What photos did David and Victoria share?

The 47-year-old businesswoman also boasted about her slender husband. In Instagram stories, Victoria posted a photo of David against the backdrop of the sea with a bare torso. In the caption to the photo, she noted how lucky she was. We don’t know what exactly Victoria meant. Having admired David, who clearly looks younger than his age (he is 46), we can confidently answer the question. Yes, Victoria was really lucky with her handsome husband.


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David Beckham himself hastened to post photos from his vacation. He poses with Cruise and Harper Seven. In the caption, he was not verbose and simply noted that this vacation would be a special memory for him. In addition, now all fans know which restaurant in Italy David Beckham likes to dine at. He wrote that this is Lo Scoglio. In his stories, David also showed the island of Capri at night. The place is truly fascinating.


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We also note that the mothers of David and Victoria , Sandra Beckham and Jackie Adams, also vacationed with the Beckhams and their children . Victoria’s father Anthony Adams is also pictured. It turned out to be a really great family vacation. After all, it is so important to spend time with your family.


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There were some incidents

The family’s vacation on the yacht was slightly marred by the police . David had to explain himself to local law enforcement officers for almost an hour. And all because of the children. As it turned out, the attention of law enforcement officers was attracted by the fact that Cruz and Harper Seven were riding jet skis unaccompanied by adults. And although they were wearing life jackets, in Italy children under 18 are prohibited from operating jet skis on their own. Apparently, Beckham’s meeting with the police ended peacefully.


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The main thing is that everything was sorted out and the rest was not overshadowed. The Beckhams are great. They devote a lot of time to family and children. Do you like this family?

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