The story of the secret love of Lady Di and her bodyguard, with whom she wanted to escape from the palace. What fate befell the man?

Her husband’s betrayal and dislike prompted the young Welsh woman to seek male attention on the side. Luckily, we didn’t have to go far. She received support from a person with whom the princess was surrounded 24 hours a day. We are talking about Lady Di’s bodyguard. Barry Mannaki was 14 years older than the young beauty, and even married. But this did not stop the august lady, who dreamed of one day escaping from the palace with her beloved.

The love story of Lady Di and her bodyguard Barry Mannaki

Then, in 1985, the marriage of Earl Spencer’s daughter began to crack. The husband of the 24-year-old aristocrat turned out to be not a noble prince on a white horse, but a real traitor. Instead of caring for his wife and two sons, he continued to see his first love, Camilla Parker Bowles .

Needing moral support, the princess began to turn her attention to Barry Mannaki. At that time the man was 38 years old. According to Diana, she often wandered around the palace, hoping to see him . That’s how they became close.

Welsh confessed her feelings for the man in notes made by her public speaking teacher Peter Settelen. In them, Diana assures that she is madly in love with a man from the royal staff: “I would gladly give up everything and live with him as a simple woman, and not a royal person. He said it was a good idea . “

The romance between the royal person and the bodyguard lasted just over a year. Moreover, there are no facts confirming their closer connection . The man could well pass for a close friend who wiped away the princess’s tears and listened to complaints. Waleskaya herself said that next to him she felt like a little girl whom he pitied and looked after.

At some point, Lady Di and Barry Mannaki were seen by the head of the palace security . He called their relationship “compromising” and transferred the man to serve in the British diplomatic corps. But he didn’t stay there long.

In 1987, an accident took his life. The motorcycle Barry was riding with his friend collided with a truck . The truck driver claimed that he was blinded by the headlights of a mysterious third vehicle. Diana was devastated by this news and spent the rest of her days trying to find out what really happened. She was sure that her husband Charles had arranged the accident.

Coincidence or not, but 10 years later the princess also died in a car accident . Many fans are still deeply convinced that this tragedy is the work of her husband. But apart from idle speculation, there is no evidence of this. I’m curious what our readers think about this.

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