Rich brother, business failures, plastic surgery: who is behind the image of the cheerful “dancing millionaire”.

The Italian Gianluca Vacchi is known to many today. Around 2014, he became an Instagram star, becoming famous throughout the world as the “dancing millionaire.” Today, his Instagram account has 20 million followers.

On August 5, Gianluca celebrated his 54th birthday. His popularity shows no signs of waning; he has a beautiful wife who is 28 years younger, and Vakki recently became a father for the first time .


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From the outside it may seem that his life is like a fairy tale. The Italian himself positions himself as a businessman with the soul of a child. He plays sports, dresses stylishly and strives to enjoy life to the maximum. But not everyone believes that everything is so simple.

From a wealthy family

Gianluca Vacchi grew up in a wealthy family. His father created a company in the 60s that produces packaging for pharmaceutical products. Family business today operates all over the world.

The future Internet star received a good education: Gianluca studied at the University of Bologna at the Faculty of Economics and Commerce. But the guy’s real passion was not business, but fashion and sports.


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Until the age of 29, Gianluca Vacchi worked in his father’s company, while simultaneously trying to build his own business. By the age of 35, he tried his hand at the tourism business, selling motor homes, wristwatches, his own clothes and a number of other industries.

But the main source of income, apparently, for Vacca was his father’s business, from which he received dividends. According to rumors, all of Gianluca’s enterprises eventually went bankrupt, and in 2017 his debts amounted to 60 million euros.

Gianluca’s father realized that the heir was not very good at business and liked parties too much, so the position of head of the company went to Gianluca’s cousin Alberto. As far as we know, now the “dancing millionaire” does not participate in any way in the family business and receives a small percentage of the profits of the family company, but even this is enough for a luxurious life.


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Plastic surgery

The popularity of the charismatic Italian is largely due to his appearance. The handsome man has a toned body, always has a stylish haircut and is dressed to the nines.

However, some Internet users suspect that Vakki repeatedly resorted to medical help. This version is supported by the fact that the famous Italian has been close friends with the American plastic surgeon Lenny Hockstein for many years.

And if you look at old photographs of Gianluca, you will notice serious differences with his current appearance. Before he became famous, the Italian looked completely different.


Gianluca Vacchi’s path to fame began in 2013 when he joined Instagram. A stylish, fit man with tattoos began posting bright moments from his busy life online. In the first year, approximately 30 thousand people signed up, mostly from Italy.

The following year, Gianluca appeared in the same company with Hollywood actor Zac Efron when he was vacationing in Sardinia. Efron called the Italian his most interesting acquaintance, which significantly added to the popularity of Vacca’s page.

And soon Gianluca Vacchi posted a video on the Internet that turned him from a local celebrity into a global star. In the video, the Italian danced to a Ricky Martin song with Wandering brand designer Giorgia Gabriele. The fiery dances quickly gained hundreds of thousands of views, and Vakki began to be called the “dancing millionaire” on the Internet.

Vakki realized that he had finally found his business: making money on his own name. He began to actively maintain an Instagram page to attract an even larger audience. And later he even wrote a book, Enjoy, in which he promoted his own lifestyle aimed at obtaining pleasure.

Search for the lady of the heart

As it turned out, Gianluca and Georgia were a couple. The Italian was 18 years older than his chosen one, but that suited them. In public they called themselves husband and wife, although they did not officially marry. According to the girl, Vacchi was already married at the age of 28, but that marriage was unsuccessful. Therefore, the “dancing millionaire” no longer wants to formalize the relationship.

In 2017, the couple suddenly broke up. Vacca has a new lover – Miss Colombia 2014 Ariadna Gutierrez. But this relationship did not last even a year. A model from Venezuela, Sharon Fonseca, took a place in the heart of the “dancing millionaire”. This time the age difference is 28 years.


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Birth of a daughter

Gianluca Vacchi openly told fans that he has no plans to have children in the near future. But in 2020, the news spread across the Internet that the “dancing millionaire” had become a father. Sharon Fonseca gave birth to her lover’s daughter. The girl was named Blue Jerusalem.

The joy was overshadowed by the girl’s congenital pathology. The baby was diagnosed with a so-called cleft palate. But doctors managed to solve the problem. After this, Vacchi said that he would support funds that help children with this disease.


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The popularity of the social media star continues to grow. Gianluca is doing his best to promote his own brand, GV, to the masses, the name of which is derived from his initials. The businessman produces clothes and accessories under it.

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