What Hollywood beauties look like without makeup and at home.

Celebrities on the red carpet usually resemble almost celestial beings. So well-groomed, in full dress, with professional makeup and hairstyles. Women in chic evening dresses, men in tuxedos. They smile under camera flashes, pose, sign autographs. When you see this picture, it’s hard to imagine how Nicole Kidman , for example, then comes home, washes off her makeup, puts on her favorite pajamas and crawls under the covers. But she is the same person as you and me. To confirm this, today we show what stars look like without makeup at home. Compare with photos taken by professional photographers. There is a difference!


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Stars without makeup, hairstyles and other beauty

In everyday life, celebrities often look like other women. And sometimes even worse. After all, they get tired of eternal dressing up and they often want to pull on an old stretched T-shirt, comfortable sweatpants and completely relax. Nowadays there is more and more of a trend toward naturalness on the Internet . Therefore, stars began to show themselves more often without embellishment , to let fans into their everyday life without tinsel. True, not everyone does this, because many do not like to put their lives on display.

Jennifer Aniston

Sharon Stone

Kate Hudson

Julia Roberts

Stars without makeup and Nicole Kidman

Jennifer Lopez

Interestingly, some fans don’t even believe that it’s really JLo in the second photo . “ You went too far with Jennifer Lopez . At home they took another woman, very similar to her. There’s even a different shape of the nose and eyebrows . ” But we assure you that the picture is really the real Jennifer Lopez.

Star Cameron Diaz

As you can see, these celebrities look completely inconspicuous in everyday life, at home . And it would be strange if Julia Roberts or Sharon Stone were walking around their kitchen in full war paint. Do you like the way stars look without makeup? Or is it still better to remain an ideal for fans with an even tone and radiant skin?

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