Celine Dion appeared in public for the first time in a long time.

As it became known, Celine_Dion_recently appeared in_public_for_the_first time in a long time. The cause of the long absence of the Canadian_performer was a rare_neurological disease. Moreover, the artist has been fighting him for three years now. What was the reason for coming out and what the celebrity looks like today, you will find out with us in the next couple of minutes.

Health problems

As you probably know, in December2022, Celine Dion openly told her fans and everyone concerned about her health problems. So, according to the Canadian performer, for some time now she has been forced to struggle with one serious illness. We are, of course, talking about stiff_muscle_syndrome.

“Unfortunately, the_spasms_affect_every_aspect of my_daily_life, sometimes_causing_difficulty_walking and preventing_me_from_using_my_vocal_cords to sing the way I’m used to,” the singer said on Instagram.

Because of this, which is quite predictable, the artist was also forced to postpone the dates of her Courage_world_tour. You see, it was originally supposed to start in February 2023. Nevertheless, already in 2024, fans of the performer will hopefully be lucky enough to enjoy the performance of their favorite.

Celine Dion appeared in public

Interestingly, the latter is more than real. The thing is that Celine Dion appeared in public the other day. It is worth noting that the appearance was the first for the artist in a long time. But the reason for this lies in sports. You see, the singer wanted to watch the Montreal_Canadiens_hockey_game in Las Vegas. She was accompanied by her sons Rene-Charles, Eddie and Nelson.

Despite the struggle with a serious illness, Celine was in high spirits. For the appearance, the singer chose a light tracksuit. The look was completed with a white vest and matching sneakers. As for accessories, the celebrity chose round earrings. By the way, after the game, Dion even managed to talk with the players in the locker room. Thus, the Canadian star gave advice to guys on how to remain resilient and maintain health.

“ My sons and I had a great time. Met up with the Montreal_Canadiens after their hockey_game against the Vegas Golden_Knights in Las_Vegas. They played_incredibly. What_a_game_it_was! Thanks for_meeting us after the game,_guys! This was_memorable_for all of us. Have a great_season_everyone!” – Celine Dion signed the published_photographs.

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