What Corinna Schumacher went through after Michael’s accident.

On September 15, the documentary film “Schumacher” was released on Netflix , which told about the career of the great racer. However, it was also there that family members spoke openly for the first time about what they were going through. There are not many new details, but the Red Baron’s family has never spoken to the public so sincerely before. Unfortunately, the documentary doesn’t tell much about the racer’s personal life. But Michael and Corinna Schumacher are an almost perfect couple.

Today we decided to talk in more detail about the romance of this couple. After all, their story is no less exciting than Michael’s racing career and achievements. Both in sorrow and in joy, they were always together for 18 years before that very tragedy. And after her, Corinna does everything possible and impossible to return her husband to normal life.

First meeting

When Michael first met Corinne, she was the girlfriend of fellow racing driver Heinz-Harald Frentzen. However, they spent almost the entire evening together, talking about racing and simply nothing else. A year later, Schumacher made his debut in the Belgian Grand Prix, which he first told Corinna about. He fell in love with her at first sight, but did not dare to take her away from his friend.

Very soon, fate smiled on Michael. Corinna left Frentzen; as it turned out, the girl dreamed of a family, but the driver, on the contrary, was not ready for such responsibility. And already in 1995, Michael proposed to his beloved. Since then they have never been apart. Corinna, even while pregnant, did not miss a single race of her husband.

Exemplary family man

The birth of his daughter greatly changed the Red Baron. He moved his family to Switzerland, where he bought a house in a small town. Michael decided that the healthy atmosphere of the Alps and minimal attention from reporters was what his family needed. Corinna later said that at home Schumacher was a completely different person. Steel during races, he allowed children to twist ropes out of him and was sincerely happy about it.

Michael even turned down many sponsorships and advertising campaigns in order to spend more time with his family. But the main happiness in Michael’s life was still his wife. He said that she was the embodiment of the woman of his dreams, and his whole life after meeting her was love.

“When I imagined my future life, I knew that I would be a champion, but fate gave me more gifts. She gave me Corinna, she deserved all the victories. She was my wish, my dream, I don’t like being alone. I enjoy sharing my life and spending time with someone I love. It worked 100 percent with my wife ,” Michael said in an interview.


Even during his career, Michael loved various extreme sports. For this he was often criticized and asked to stop. Corinna recalled that Schumacher could not just spend the day on the couch, he was constantly drawn somewhere. Either go skydiving or skiing, and he always invited his family with him. At such a frantic pace, Michael lived for 399 days. From my last race until that very day.

Interestingly, Michael did not want to go to the Alps. He told his wife that there was still very little snow and suggested going to Dubai, but the family still chose skiing. According to many experts, Schumacher was right. If there had been more snow in the mountains that day, the tragedy might not have happened. He might not have hit that rock, or the snow might have softened the blow. But luck turned away from the great racer.


Life after tragedy

Corinna was and is always next to her husband. The woman, and the whole family, are ready to sacrifice everything to return the father to normal. Their son insisted on selling their house in Norway so that there would be money for treatment. After a series of operations, Corinne refurbished their home in Switzerland so that Michael could live there. The family still spends a lot of money on Michael’s treatment.

However, money continues to be short. We had to sell Schumacher’s personal plane, and later the legendary scarlet car in which Michael took his first title with Ferrari. However, despite all the crazy spending, there is no guarantee that Schumacher will ever return to his family. Although no one, of course, loses hope.

Michael and Corinna Schumacher have been through a lot together, but the latest test may be too much for them. The whole world is praying for Michael’s health, although, probably, no amount of support will help a woman who has lost her loved one. Let us hope for the best.

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