How Peter Dinklage built a wonderful career, became a favorite of women and a happy father.

Probably every screen star’s worst dream is to become an actor in one role. It seems cool when you get a cool role and you cope with it brilliantly. However, there is a risk of becoming a hostage to this image. A similar thing could easily happen to Peter Dinklage, who played Tyrion Lannister in the series Game of Thrones . But the actor has many more successful roles in his arsenal. Peter Dinklage is much more multifaceted than some might think, although previously he was only offered to play leprechauns and gnomes in all sorts of fairy tales.


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Peter Dinklage: interesting facts about the actor

Peter enjoys success not only on screens. Despite his height of 135 cm, he surprisingly captivates women . Game of Thrones co-creator David Benioff talked about a dinner he attended with our hero. All the women at the table (even David’s wife, the screenwriter admitted) simply hung on Peter’s every word.


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By the way, he is happy in his family life . He has been with his wife Erica for more than 15 years, and the 33 cm difference in height does not bother the spouses at all. The marriage already has children. Peter’s wife not only accepts his appearance, but also admires him: “My husband is handsome and funny. Isn’t it amazing that at 135 cm he is very attractive?”


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How Peter got his start in cinema

Peter Dinklage didn’t immediately think about an acting career. There’s no point in thinking if the family didn’t even have a TV . The boy had no idea that there was a wonderful world of cinema. But soon everything changed. In the fifth grade, Peter got the main role in the play “Teddy Bunny.” Then he was applauded for a long time. And the actor clearly remembers this moment even after many years. Perhaps it was those applause that influenced Dinklage’s further choice of path. He went to study at art college and immediately tried himself as a musician and performer.

Peter notes that in his youth he often felt embittered . Due to his illness, his bone growth was impaired. The boy reached 135 cm and stopped growing at the age of 10. They bullied him and laughed at him. Of course, Peter was offended. It took him a long time to accept himself and realize that it was the bullies‘ problem, not his.

When Peter moved to New York after college, he was very disappointed. The boy, full of hopes and aspirations, realized that cool roles were not going to fall on him. Yes, there were some offers, but mostly these were the roles of elves, leprechauns or gnomes. Not at all what Dinklage dreamed of. He made his film debut in 1995 , playing a dissatisfied dwarf in the film “Life in Oblivion.” Then there were the films “Bullet”, “Thirteen Moons”, “The Station Agent”, “Little Fingers”, “The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian” and others.


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Peter Dinklage as Tyrion Lannister

Peter spent 2011–2019 filming Game of Thrones. Interestingly, the actor did not immediately want to accept this role. Firstly, the books by George Martin, on which the series was based, seemed too complex and confusing to Peter. Secondly, he didn’t want to play some stereotypical short guy again. Dinklage agreed only after it was explained to him that Tyrion is not a stereotypical character at all , but on the contrary – bright, original and extraordinary. Interestingly, Peter always read the series script from the end. Those who have seen Game of Thrones know how many characters there went to another world. So Peter was very worried that Tyrion would not follow them. Therefore, I immediately monitored whether his character was at the end of the script.


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The creators of the series, by the way, have no idea what they would have done if Peter had not agreed to the role. They didn’t have a backup option. Now it is almost impossible to imagine someone else in the role of Tyrion . And in the series, among other things, he became one of the most popular, beloved and quoted characters. We at the editorial office, I must admit, are also crazy about him. And just imagine, all the meat that Peter ate on the set of the series was specially made from soy. Dinklage is a vegetarian , he is very kind to animals and would never harm a chicken, a pig, or any other living creature.


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Is there life after Game of Thrones?

Yes, no doubt. The actor’s other roles, of course, may seem a little lackluster in comparison to the role of Tyrion. But still, Peter Dinklage also played in such famous films as “X-Men: Days of Future Past”, “Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri”, “Avengers: Infinity War”, “The Con” and others. We are sure that we will have many more reasons to admire actor Peter Dinklage.


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Do you like the actor? Do you consider his roles, besides Game of Thrones, successful?

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