Why the style of the wife of one of the richest people in the world, Jeff Bezos, is being criticized online.

At one time, Jeff Bezos‘ divorce was one of the hottest topics of discussion. The first rich man on the planet left his wife, with whom he lived for 20 happy years, for the sake of the bright brunette Lauren Sanchez . Much water has passed under the bridge since then, and it would seem that the press should have calmed down. Alas, Lauren Sanchez’s appearance still evokes a very hostile reaction from the public. And this despite the fact that Bezos’s new wife is trying her best to live up to her husband’s status!

Lauren Sanchez’s appearance: what’s wrong with her?

Personal life of a billionaire

It is necessary to remind how it all began. So, in January 2019, Jeff and MacKenzie Bezos decided to divorce . The billionaire broke up with his wife shortly before the release of a high-profile biography book that promised to shed light on his relationships with other women. At the same time, Jeff publicly announced that he had been dating a certain Lauren Sanchez for several months.

Apparently, Lauren and Jeff became a couple not in 2019, but much earlier. However, before 2018, Bezos and Sanchez already had a rich history of business relations. Lauren is a good actress, an experienced journalist, who has won more than one prestigious award, and in addition is a skilled pilot with many hours of practice on airplanes and helicopters.

Almost a quiet life

At first glance, it seems as if the yellow press has nothing to cling to here . The separation of Jeff and MacKenzie Bezos was very calm. The billionaire transferred more than $40 billion in shares to his ex-wife without any objection. And as they parted, Jeff and Mackenzie showered each other with compliments, most likely sincere ones.

Bezos also lives quite well with Lauren Sanchez. The only thing that aroused the interest of the press was the situation in which Lauren flirted with Leo DiCaprio . True, it was not difficult for Sanchez to convince journalists that her actions were just a joke . The paparazzi willingly believed Lauren: everyone knows that the 53-year-old beauty DiCaprio will not be interested in even if he wanted to.

The essence of the problem

Alas, very soon the public noticed the real pain point of Bezos’s wife. People feel like poor Lauren is struggling to live up to her husband’s status. But, unfortunately, it frankly goes overboard with the efforts made for this. Lauren’s revealing outfits and excessive passion for plastic surgery are not liked by the public.

Bezos fans think that Madame Sanchez looks downright vulgar . According to sarcastic fashionistas, Lauren’s sense of taste is stuck in the last decade of the last century. People snort: “The lady looks like a starlet who has successfully hooked up with a rich suitor. But it’s one thing to parade like that at 19 years old, and another thing at 53 years old!”

It’s worth admitting the obvious: Lauren often really looks like a young hunter of fat wallets. However, this doesn’t seem to bother Bezos . In any case, he appreciates Madame Sanchez not only and not so much for her appearance. As for Lauren herself, only one thing can be said. If a 53-year-old lady likes to look like this, for God’s sake. Her right, and you still can’t argue with that.

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