How does a girl live who has 30 milliliters of filler in her lips?

Lip filler is an integral part of the image of millions of modern girls. Some people like this plastic surgery technique. They believe that lips enlarged in this way make beauties even more attractive. Others sarcastically call female filler fans “ducks.” This is because enlarged lips, according to critics of such plastic surgery , strongly resemble a duck’s beak. But even sincere lovers of fillers are horrified when looking at photographs of the Spanish woman Vienna Wurstel!

Lip filler and its consequences using the example of Vienna Würstel

History of the Spanish Flu

Spanish woman Vienna Wurstel lives in sunny Mallorca. She is primarily known to the public because of her ardent passion for plastic surgery . Vienna especially loves lip filler injections. The girl claims that the last time she was injected with 3 ml of fillers. And in total, her lips currently contain as much as 30 ml of this substance !

Vienna has 25 thousand followers on TikTok. A few fans of Madame Wurstel nicknamed the girl “plastic fantasy.” Much more numerous critics have the same name for the Spanish woman. True, they usually clarify that fantasy in this case means a genre more similar to horror.

Girl’s explanations

The girl resolutely rejects calls to “give up” plastic surgery. Moreover, Vienna says that over time she wants to acquire much more voluminous lips. The Spaniard views her current state only as an intermediate step on the path to an unattainable ideal .

According to Vienna, there is no threat to health in her actions. Madame Wurstel assures that all operations on her face are performed exclusively by highly qualified surgeons. According to the Spaniard, the doctors she contacted know what they are doing. However, the public does not really believe the girl’s revelations.

Dreams of Vienna

“Nowadays they often call me a duck . Doesn’t matter! I want my lips to be even bigger!” – the plastic lover firmly declares. Vienna admits that her lips now make it difficult for her to drink and eat solid food. “I could play the victim, but instead I remain honest. I have my lips, which means I need to adapt to our fickle world!”

Experts‘ point of view

Doctors who deal with plastic surgery mistakes warn not to follow Vienna’s example. The more plastic surgery a person undergoes, the more difficult it is to help him if something goes wrong. “Now a third of my work is correcting plastic surgeons’ mistakes . And this is not always possible!” – the specialist comments on the situation.

Be that as it may, Vienna is completely satisfied with the lip filler . Subscribers just shrug their shoulders – try to convince an independent adult of something! I just want to hope that everything will be fine with the Spanish flu and that numerous procedures will not have a detrimental effect on her health.

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