What does the lover of Monica Bellucci’s daughter, Virgo Cassel, look like?

For us, the news that Sol Nanni and Deva Cassel have become a couple hardly sounds like a sensation. But the fashion world reacted to this statement with sincere interest! You see, Virgo is a representative of a new, younger generation of stars. The 19-year-old heiress to two celebrities began her modeling career relatively recently, in 2019. But experts are already predicting a glorious future for Virgo. It is possible that in some 10 years the beauty will surpass both her father and mother combined in terms of popularity !

Sol Nanni and Deva Cassel: new stars

Heiress of two talents

Virgo was born in 2004. The baby’s father was Vincent Cassel, and her mother was Monica Bellucci. It is not surprising that experienced paparazzi established surveillance of the first-born of two legends from the first days of the baby’s life. Therefore, by the way, little Virgo sincerely wanted to choose any profession in the future, as long as it was non-public.

But fate had other plans for the girl. Many offspring of celebrities are born without inheriting a single grain of the talent of their star parents. With Virgo Cassel it turned out differently. When 14-year-old Virgo signed her first contract as a model in 2019 , experts were delighted!

Natural Talent

Knowledgeable people claim that the daughter of Vincent and Monica will become the main star of the modeling business on the planet in the coming years. Virgo is already being called the new muse of Italian fashion. Some even say that it is Virgo who is destined to displace her own mother from the top of the fashion Olympus!

In 2019, such statements would seem laughable. Yes, Virgo is very talented, but it seemed bad manners for world-famous experts to throw around such predictions. Time decided differently: already in 2022, the heiress of Vincent Cassel appeared in the news and on the covers of fashion magazines more often than Monica Bellucci!

Bright romance

Well, now the public’s attention has been captured by the new novel by Deva Cassel. Until recently, it was believed that Monica Bellucci’s daughter was dating a fellow fashion model. The guy’s name was Luca Salandra. Now it has become known for certain: Sol Nanni and Deva Cassel have become a full-fledged couple! The public does not yet know how to react to this news.

The creative path of the young Italian Sol is somewhat similar to the beginning of the career of Virgo herself. Nanni came to cinema at the age of 15, showed himself brilliantly in the series “Alex & Co.”, after which he continued to rapidly expand his filmography. Now 24-year-old Sol has 9 films and TV series to his credit.

Many consider young Nanni too flighty. However, Virgo Cassel seems ready to take risks. The girl posted a bunch of photos of her and Sol on the Internet, and in the comments she directly confirmed: yes, she and Nanni became an official couple. A rising star of Italian fashion and a young star of Italian cinema… Let’s see what comes of this union!

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