How the Friends cast reacted to the Matthew Perry tragedy.

The actors from the series „Friends“ always stuck together . Yes, conflicts arose between them periodically. Rumors about a curse affecting the series also took a lot of energy from the stars. In addition, Jennifer Aniston’s fantastic successes have erected certain barriers between the actress and her former colleagues. But the tragedy with Matthew Perry clearly showed the public that the magnificent six from “Friends” still perceive each other as representatives of one big family.

Actors from the series „Friends“ and their reaction to the tragedy with Matthew Perry

Farewell to a legend

The untimely death of Matthew Perry was a severe shock for millions of people . In the photo, the actor who played Chandler from Friends always looked like a strong and confident man. And 54 years old is not old at all for a Hollywood celebrity like Perry. The terrible news sounded even more tragic for Matthew’s fans.

So far, fans only know that Perry drowned in his own jacuzzi . No one, except forensic specialists, yet knows under what circumstances this happened. You see, Matthew struggled with addictions for years, and subsequently was forced to take a lot of powerful drugs…

Bitter pause

Perry’s fans were initially surprised to learn that other Friends cast members did not react to the tragic news. The public knew how close the relationship remained among the magnificent six. It was strange to watch Courteney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, Jennifer Aniston, David Schwimmer and Matt LeBlanc remain silent.

It’s good that Matthew’s fans paused and did not attack their idol’s colleagues with reproaches. The silence of celebrities had a simple explanation. The Friends stars were in deep shock over the loss of a close friend. Everyone knew about Matthew’s problems, but no one thought that his life would end this way.

Joint statement

Gathering their courage, the remaining five stars of the series „Friends“ issued a joint statement . The actors released this statement two days after Matthew Perry left. The message from the artist’s colleagues is: “ You know that we were not just employees. Our team has become a family for each of us. That’s why we were so devastated by the loss of Matthew! »

“ As we say goodbye to him, we would like to say a lot. But now we simply cannot do this. We have no strength . We need time to realize what happened and indulge in grief. In time we will say more. For now, we just send our condolences to Matt’s family, his friends and everyone on the planet who loved him! »

The creators of the series echo the actors. “ No one but Matthew could have become the Chandler the whole world adored . He was always the funniest, cheerful, funny person in any team. A generous, selfless good-natured man, he created Chandler and brought joy to millions .“ One thing is certain: Matthew Perry will definitely not be forgotten!

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