They were stars, but they became nobody. Sad stories of once famous actors.

Forgotten stars are often tragic figures. Not every person is able to survive a normal fall from heaven to earth . Just yesterday, these beauties and handsome men basked in the glory, signed posters and believed that their popularity was eternal. And today only the most devoted fans remember their former idols . The new generation has long had its own heroes. And the former stars have to come to terms with the fact that they are not destined to regain their former glory.

Forgotten stars: how former crowd favorites live today

Adam Brody

The television series “ The O.C. “ overnight made the handsome curly-haired guy a world-class celebrity. Filming in the film “Mr. and Mrs. Smith” only added more fans to Brody. And then Adam decided that the star life did not suit him, and went to star in arthouse films. And I didn’t regret it! On the set of another arthouse, Brody found his love, lives with her in perfect harmony and looks much younger than his 40-plus years.

Sarah Michelle Gellar

At the end of the last decade of the last century, Sarah Michelle was in great demand. “I Know What You Did Last Summer”, “ Buffy ”, “Cruel Intentions” – every project with Gellar’s ​​participation became a hit! But when, after “Cruel Intentions,” Sarah’s career hit a low point, the actress made a choice in favor of her family. Few people expected Michelle and her boyfriend Freddie Prinze Jr. to stay together for a long time. Nevertheless, their marriage withstood all the tests. Moreover, today the couple is conquering the culinary market of the States with might and main!

Freddie Prinze Jr.

While Sarah Michelle won the hearts of viewers in action films, Freddie shone with might and main in youth comedies . Alas, when the popularity of this film genre came to an end, Prince Jr. was left out of work. However, the actor did not lose heart and quickly found a new calling for himself. It turns out that Freddie always dreamed of becoming a chef! The dream came true: Prince Jr. received a specialized education, released his own cookbook for sale in 2016, and now runs extremely popular gastronomic blogs on the Internet. He even infected his wife with his enthusiasm!

Heather Locklear

But Heather’s life was not as successful as the previous heroes of our article. At the end of the 80s, Locklear became famous throughout the world thanks to her roles in the TV series “Dynasty” and “ Melrose District ”. But the actress’s further career did not work out: the beauty became a typical victim of “star fever.” Booze and illegal substances quickly undermined the woman’s health. Now 60-year-old Heather is still trying to deal with the consequences of her past sprees. And doctors have to save her over and over again after another attempt to take her own life…

Chad Michael Murray

“ Freaky Friday “ and „A Cinderella Story“ quickly made Chad a youth idol. Alas, fame went to Murray’s head, and he imagined himself to be the new Tom Cruise or at least Brad Pitt. Which is why he got burned: the actor was eventually kicked out of the bright project “One Tree Hill” due to excessive demands. And no one offered Murray any more good roles. However, Chad himself doesn’t seem to care much about this. In 2015, the man married actress Sarah Roemer. Since then, the couple has had two children. Murray dotes on his wife and children, and the fees from passing projects are, in fact, enough for him.

Denise Richards

Once upon a time, the beauty Denise became famous thanks to the films “Ask Cindy” and “ The World is Not Enough .” Richards’s career was confidently going uphill until the actress was screwed by her closest person. A loud and ugly divorce from Charlie Sheen forever closed Denise’s path to bright Hollywood projects. Today, Richards devotes himself to his three daughters, two natural and one adopted. Denise also helps homeless animals.

Alicia Silverstone

Alicia’s life is like a zebra, all consisting of black and white stripes. At first, Silverstone was extremely lucky with her career. The series “ The Wonder Years “ and the film „Clueless“ made the actress a star. Then the beauty became interested in charity work, and in addition she got married very successfully. Family and social activities were more interesting to Alicia than the stage. Alas, in 2018, Silverstone’s marriage fell apart. But with the collapse of family life, the actress’s career suddenly took off again!

Mina Suvari

In the public’s memory, Mina still remains the star of “ American Pie “ and „American Beauty.“ Suvari’s further career did not work out: the images of the actress turned out to be too similar, and beauty alone will not get you far. However, Mina is not complaining: now she is much more occupied with her own personal life. Suvari married for love, and her husband’s attention more than replaces her fame.

Carmen Electra

Cinema connoisseurs agree: the true star of “ Baywatch ” was not Pamela Anderson , but Carmen Electra. Alas, the image of the fatal beauty turned out to be a trap for the actress. New projects with Carmen’s participation invariably turned out to be failures. Not everything was going well for the actress in her personal life either: her marriage to rock musician Dave Navarro ended in divorce. Today the former beauty lives as a recluse.

Josh Hartnett

Today, only experienced film fans remember Josh. But once upon a time, the star of the films “ Pearl Harbor ” and “Black Hawk Down” was predicted to win an Oscar, or even more than one! Hartnett ruined his career due to his own stupidity: at the peak of fame, he decided that he wanted to take a break from popularity, and left for his home state for a year and a half. And when I came back, I realized that no one else needed or was interested in me. Well, at least in a man’s personal life everything is fine. Josh and his girlfriend Tamsin Egerton have two children and are quite happy together.

I am glad that not all forgotten stars choose the path of self-destruction. Many, on the contrary, find themselves in the most seemingly unexpected areas of activity! Resilient actors prove by their own example that fame often only gets in the way in life.

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