Why does 52-year-old actress Jennifer Aniston get very upset when she is asked questions about her children?

Jennifer Aniston chose her career over her children. This statement, which is so often seen in the media, is not true. Interest in the personal life of one of the most popular American actresses has never subsided since she starred in the TV series “Friends.” Now that the actress is 52 and has been married twice, the most popular question is: “Why doesn’t Jennifer Aniston have children?” Now we’ll tell you how she herself feels about such questions.

Why doesn’t Jennifer Aniston have children?

Jennifer Aniston is very sensitive to issues of her personal life. Even if an actress can answer a question with humor, this does not mean that it does not offend or even hurt her. Jen’s personal life is of interest to many. And if she still half-heartedly endures questions about ex-husbands and, perhaps, some new boyfriends, then she is very tired of questions about children.

“Rumors about my pregnancy and all this talk that I chose a career over children used to hurt me very much. But people have no idea what’s going on with me personally. They don’t know anything about me medically. They don’t know if I can even have children . They don’t know anything at all, and this is very painful and unpleasant for me ,” Aniston shared in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter .

Jennifer says that all sorts of speculations are often spread about her. For example, that her career comes first. The actress admits that she always really wanted children. By the way, she had pregnancies: in her marriage to Brad Pitt, Jen, unfortunately, experienced two miscarriages. We don’t know whether this somehow affected her body and women’s health. One thing we can say for sure: Jennifer, like any normal woman, experienced these events painfully. Maybe that’s why questions about children now upset her even more.

Jennifer Aniston isn’t the only childless star

Jennifer doesn’t make excuses to anyone for not having children. But due to the fact that she is already so tired of the questions, she sets the example of other stars who also do not have children. She talked about 75-year-old Dolly Parton , the singer.

“But people don’t make fun of her because of this? No one tried to fit her into societal stereotypes , ” says Jennifer.

She is also outraged by the fact that double standards still operate in society. If a man does not have children, changes women, and marries several times, then this is considered quite normal. But if we are talking about a woman, then she will certainly be condemned for this.

Let us remember that Jennifer herself was married twice: the first time to Brad Pitt, and the second to Justin Theroux. We wrote details about how and why Brad Pitt left Aniston for Jolie .

Whether you believe the rumors or not is up to you. But insiders say that Jennifer is tired of being alone. Perhaps something will change in her personal life soon. Let’s wait for news!

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