Angelina Jolie’s daughter Shiloh is desperately looking for a meeting with her father. And the actress is against.

The winter holiday_season is almost here. This means that very soon relatives and friends will gather at the feast table to celebrate Christmas. But not Brangelina’s family. As it turned out, despite the fact that 15-year-old Shiloh really misses her father, Angelina Jolie is not going to make concessions to Brad Pitt . Is it really that the girl’s dream of spending the holidays with the entire family is not destined to come true?

Shiloh misses her father, but her mother won’t let him see him

For the fifth year now, the former spouses have been fighting fiercely for custody of their six children. But no matter how hard the actor in Once Upon a Time in Hollywood tries, the conclusions in court are not in his favor. Let us recall that in October his 20-year-old son Maddox spoke out against the actor , after which he was finally denied partial custody. So now Pitt is desperate.

However, the actor’s students are not very eager to join him. And the older ones even openly blame him for all the troubles. About this publication OK! the insider said.

“Brad tried to do everything he could to mend the relationship. But Maddox and even Pax blame him for the fact that the family broke up and avoid meeting with him ,” says an informant close to the family.

If you believe the words of the anonymous author, only the eldest daughter Shiloh did not turn her back on her father. She, like Pitt, is in a rather depressed_state, since the girl really wants to spend time with him. However, circumstances do not allow them to do this.

“Shiloh is the only one of Brad and Angelina’s children who protects their father. She dreams of bringing the whole family together for Christmas. And she has a hard time accepting the fact that this, apparently, will not happen ,” the insider noted.

Nevertheless, the actor is not going to give up and believes that everything will work out in the end: “Brad_hopes that one_day_he and Angelina will find a way_to_forgive each other and move on. After all, this is what their children need so much. He hates all this hostility . 

Do you think Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie will be able to improve their relationship for the sake of their children? Write in the comments!

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