Why is Hollywood’s leading handsome man Brad Pitt so unlucky in love?

Brad Pitt celebrated his 58th birthday as a bachelor . However, there were plenty of women in his life. He has two marriages and a dozen novels behind him. But it seems Brad never found the one. Why is the main Hollywood handsome man so unlucky in love? Now let’s figure out why all the actor’s relationships ended and which women of Brad Pitt left the biggest mark in his life.

Brad Pitt’s Women: 7 Failed Novels

Jill Schoelen – the woman who broke Pitt’s heart

The phenomenon of Brad Pitt lies in the fact that at any age he is equally successful in winning the hearts of women. He did this perfectly with a sweet youthful smile, and now with the noble gray hair of a 58-year-old man. But the Hollywood ladies‘ man also had his heart broken . And Jill Schoelen did it. She is called Brad Pitt’s first great love.


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Brad and Jill met in 1988 on the set. Probably youthful maximalism, when you want everything at once, played a role. Because three months after their first date, Schoelen and Pitt got engaged . But the wedding had to be postponed a little. After all, the girl was offered a role in Hungary, and she went to Budapest. It seemed like everything was going fine, we just needed to be patient a little, to get through this long-distance relationship. Maybe the actors would have pulled it off if Jill hadn’t fallen in love with her director.

One day she called Brad in tears. The girl asked him to come. Millions weren’t pouring out of Brad Pitt’s pockets back then, but he, in love, bought a ticket to Hungary with almost his last money. Jill confessed everything over dinner. “I came straight to the set, we went to dinner… and she said she fell in love with the director! I was shocked, quickly said goodbye to her and flew back,” Brad later recalled. So he lost his first love , but his character became more tempered.


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Robin Givens, wife of Mike Tyson

It must be scary to date a boxer’s wife . But that didn’t stop Brad Pitt. Perhaps because Robin has already decided to divorce Mike Tyson. The boxer, by the way, released his memoirs in 2013, in which he wrote that he more than once caught Pitt with his then-wife. The boxer did not start a showdown only because his wife was almost an ex-wife, and her affair with Brad Pitt seemed frivolous to Tyson – an ordinary affair. However, that’s how it turned out. Nothing worked out for Robin and Brad; they separated like ships at sea.


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Christina Applegate: PR, PR and more PR

There is not always room for love in celebrity relationships. Sometimes stars start affairs just for the sake of PR. This is exactly what Christina Applegate, the young actress with whom Brad Pitt appeared on the red carpet just a couple of weeks after meeting, was accused of. Many thought they were a gorgeous couple. But others did not see any sincerity in these relationships . Perhaps it was so. Indeed, on the same evening that Pitt and Applegate appeared together in public, they broke up. Christina stated that she is simply a very amorous person, so she cannot date one man for a long time. The girl was accused of deciding to promote herself with the help of Brad Pitt. But be that as it may, the fact remains: Brad and Christina did not become the most luxurious couple in Hollywood. However, like the couple as a whole.


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Gwyneth Paltrow, who ruined everything

It was expected that Gwyneth and Brad’s romance would end in marriage. Everything was leading up to this. And Brad proposed to Gwyneth , and she accepted. A few months later, the actress broke off the engagement. Brad Pitt admitted that he was irrevocably in love with Gwyneth. Didn’t she really love Brad? These are all rather subtle matters, so the media explained the separation of the actors in a more down-to-earth way. They wrote that Gwyneth, due to her youth, was afraid of marriage. She was 8 years younger than Brad; the girl had not yet had time to enjoy all the delights of youth. That’s why she abandoned the wedding, leaving Pitt to suffer alone.

Paltrow later admitted that she had ruined everything. She also believes that Brad Pitt was too good for her. “I am a good friend, sister, daughter and mother, but when it comes to romantic relationships, I always ruin everything ,” the actress once confessed.

Jennifer Aniston is Brad Pitt’s first wife

Brad and Jen got married in 2000. Their relationship did not start out like a fairy tale, when a guy meets a girl in the crowd, love breaks out at first sight and similar romantic stereotypes. The stars were introduced by their managers because they believed that the actors would benefit from communication or even an affair. No one expected that feelings would flare up between Jennifer and Brad. But that’s exactly what happened. The family idyll of Aniston and Pitt lasted almost five years. Of course, there were sad moments. The couple could not have a child, although they tried. Jennifer had two miscarriages.

And then Pitt met Angelina Jolie on the set . And then we know what this meeting resulted in. I would like to praise Jennifer Aniston. Even when her husband left her, the actress did not throw mud at him , try to take revenge and the like.

Exciting episodes of the series “JoliePitt”

For a long time, the couple of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt was considered the most beautiful, popular, discussed, rich and famous in all of Hollywood. Interestingly, they were in no hurry to get married. Brad proposed to Angelina when they already had six children (three biological and three adopted). After that, another three years passed – and only in 2014, in a small chapel in France, Jolie and Pitt tied the knot. Many believe that it was this moment – marriage – that ruined their future lives. Because after the wedding the couple started having problems. And in 2016, Angelina and Brad decided to divorce.

That’s when the exciting series “JoliePitt” began. After all, the spouses were unable to separate peacefully . They immediately divided the property, then the children. They poured dirt and accusations on each other. Angelina claimed that Brad was guilty of domestic violence, and he, in turn, stated that Jolie was inappropriate. Even when the court allowed both parents to participate equally in raising children, this did not suit Angelina Jolie. She ensures that the father does not approach the children at all. So it goes.

Brad Pitt’s new passion

It seemed that after such a breakup with Angelina Jolie, Brad would have to go away for a long time. But from time to time he was still noticed in the company of young actresses or models. Something more serious than an ordinary affair was brewing for Brad in 2020. Then he started dating a model who is 30 years younger than him. It was Nicole Poturalski . When this relationship ended, many fans began to seriously think that this was some kind of curse on Brad Pitt. Of course, not everyone believes in the mystical explanation, believing that the problem is in Brad himself and his complex character. In any case, even at 58 you can’t give up on yourself. We believe that Brad will still meet the one with whom the relationship will not end like all the previous ones.


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Or maybe we should look back? We think Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston made a great couple. Well, Ben Affleck managed to rekindle his relationship with J.Lo after many years. Is Pitt worse?

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