From princess to rebel: Jennifer Lopez’s daughter provoked rumors of a gender change.

Lately, J.Lo’s 13-year-old daughter has been unrecognizable . From a good girl who loves flowing dresses, pink and bows in her hair, Emma Anthony has turned into a real tomboy. Recently she started dressing like a boy and wearing short hair. Which leads fans to wonder: did Angelina Jolie’s daughter serve as an example for her?

JLo’s daughter looks like a boy

As a child, Emma tried to look like a real princess from fairy tales: she wore dresses with full skirts and complemented her hair with delicate accessories. But in adolescence everything changed. Instead of shoes, sneakers are now on the feet, and dresses with ruffles have turned into oversized shirts.

Emma was often confused with a boy, especially compared to her bright and well-groomed mother. It is not surprising that reports began to multiply online that she was following in the footsteps of Angelina Jolie’s daughter. Rumor has it that the girl is even thinking about changing her sex.

“Another Shiloh?”, “And this one too,” “Where is J.Lo looking?”, “She should take an example from her mother,” Internet users are indignant. But there were also those who sided with Emma: “An ordinary modern teenager, why are you so angry? Now many people dress like this”, “The girl is just looking for her own style, and you have already put all sorts of labels on her”, “Emma is very lucky that her mother allows her to look the way she wants. ”


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Let us remember that Shiloh , with whom Emma is compared, considered herself a boy from the age of three. She not only wore boys‘ clothes, but also underwent hormone therapy to change her gender. However, at the very last moment the girl changed her mind and accepted herself as she was born.

There is no need to worry

While many are concerned about the gender identity of 13-year-old Emma, ​​Jennifer Lopez herself, apparently, is of little concern. Moreover, she previously openly talked about how she was trying to raise Emma without “feminine” cliches. The main thing for a singer is to grow a strong and self-confident person who can stand up for herself and defend her interests.

What do you think, is JLo doing the right thing or not? Should she take on her daughter’s style or let Emma look the way she likes? Write in the comments!

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