Vincent Cassel shared a new photo of his girlfriend, who looks like Tina Kunaki.

As it became known, Vincent Cassel shared a new photo of his girlfriend. We are, of course, talking about the Australian model Nara Baptista , who is so incredibly similar to the actor’s ex-wife Tina Kunaki. What the subscribers of the French heartthrob saw and why some believe that it’s time to start preparing for their wedding, you will find out with us in the next few minutes.

Out of sight, out of mind

As you probably know, Vincent Cassel deleted all pictures with Tina Kunaki from his Instagram blog back in April 2023. This, unsurprisingly, provoked rumors of a breakup with the model. However, the gossip was soon confirmed. After all, on April 5, the French actor filed for divorce from his second wife.

It is worth noting that the breakup with Kunaki occurred due to the betrayal of the 26-year-old model. True, neither journalists nor Internet users have yet been able to find direct confirmation of this. As for Vincent, he clearly did not intend to suffer for a long time because of his wife’s betrayal. After all, already in the summer of this year the man was suspected of having a relationship with an Australian catwalk and gloss star.

Until recently, no one could say with certainty that the Frenchman really found a new chosen one so quickly. You see, newly-minted lovers are in no hurry to officially declare their relationship. However, apparently, fans can still congratulate the actor on his new novel.

Vincent Cassel shared a new photo of a girl

The thing is that the other day Vincent Cassel shared a new photo of his girlfriend. So, on his blog in Stories, the man published a photo of Nara. In addition to this, he added a heart and quatrefoil emoji with the caption, “Congratulations, darling.” What exactly the actor congratulated his beloved on, he did not specify. However, the Internet suggests that the model celebrated her birthday on October 25.

At the same time, which is no less interesting, Cassel also shared his own selfie to celebrate. However, this time the photo was honored to remain in the main block of other photos on Instagram. “It’s now or never,” the man mysteriously captioned the photo. However, his subscribers notice that the man looks not just happy, but also in love.


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Of course, it is most likely too early to make long-term plans. Nevertheless, one cannot help but notice that Vincent and his new lover are incredibly happy to be a couple. True, it is still unclear whether the Frenchman specifically chose a passion so similar to Kunaki. What do you think about this? Should we prepare for Cassel’s wedding? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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