Jolie’s new clothing collection was smashed to smithereens. What do you think of these outfits?

As it became known, Jolie’s new collection in collaboration with the Chloé brand did not even have time to come out, and it was already criticized. And, interestingly, there are a number of reasons for this. But whether everything is really terrible and what disappointed fans of the Hollywood beauty so much, you will find out with us in the next couple of minutes.

Jolie’s new collection


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Of course, not everyone can be patient when it comes to our idols. Especially if the subject of discussion is Angelina Jolie’s new collection in collaboration with the Chloé brand. It is worth noting that Angie worked on the images together with former creative director of Chloé Gabriela Hirst. The release of the collection is scheduled for January 2024.


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Therefore, a number of Western media resources have already managed to share their impressions of the work of Jolie and Hirst. In particular, the fashion magazine WWD (Women’s wear daily) did not have the last word. So, first of all, it is not the aesthetic appeal of the line that is noted, but the empowerment of women and all needy segments of the population.

You see, back in June 2023, Chloé announced that their brand would be the first clothing manufacturer to partner with the Jolie Community Center. The latter, as we know, is intended and aimed at artisans and conscious consumers. In simple words, a focus on environmental friendliness plays an important role in Angelina’s new collection.

For example, the collection is said to be made from at least 80% recycled materials. And therefore, as you can already guess, the least harm to the environment was caused during its creation. At the same time, and importantly, Angelina Jolie will use part of her income to organize internships and create infrastructure for refugees.

„Hype on the name“

It is also worth noting that the new collection took into account different body types and skin tones. For the latter, by the way, the entire line is predominantly presented in a neutral color palette. Prices for the products will vary between $850 and $5,000. To purchase, you will need to visit Chloé boutiques or the brand’s website.

But not everyone was able to appreciate the efforts of Jolie and Gabriela Hirst. What can we say, many users on the Internet express indignation. Interestingly, the dissatisfaction affected both the color of the products and the “phenomenally ugly things” themselves. Not the least reason was attempts to fight for environmental friendliness. After all, according to this logic, it is better not to release anything at all than to create at least something.


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“I don’t understand why everyone is launching their own clothing brand? Is this really the only direction where you can invest money?”; “If you are such “eco warriors,” don’t you understand that not releasing anything is much more environmentally friendly?”; “All this is not about clothes, but about the hype on the name”; “The shoes and clutch are just monstrous. It looks like they’ve been in the basement for 20 years. And now they’ve been released and forced to make a collection.”

What do you think about this? Is Jolie’s new collection really that terrible or should she be given a second chance? Share your opinion with us in the comments.

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