Irina Shayk is unhappy that Bradley Cooper is having an affair with young Gigi Hadid.

As it became known thanks to insiders, Irina Shayk is jealous of Cooper and Hadid. Moreover, the celebrity does not like the fact that her ex-lover is courting a younger model. After all, as you know, it was Irina who introduced Bradley and Gigi. However, apparently, the catwalk star now regrets his decision. Details, as always, in the next couple of minutes.

Irina Shayk is jealous of Cooper and Hadid

It would seem that just recently fans of the couple Shayk and Cooper rejoiced at their reunion. After all, celebrities not only spent time together in the summer, but even went on vacation to Italy, where they enjoyed each other’s company. Moreover, according to insiders from their social circle, Irina and Bradley were seriously thinking about having a second child.

However, at the moment, all this may turn out to be only a temporary truce. After all, as it turned out, the star of the film “The Hangover” is now seriously courting Gigi Hadid. So, paparazzi often spot them together. It’s just worth noting that, according to rumors, it was Shayk who introduced them and brought them together.

“Irina is unhappy that Bradley is dating another supermodel. At the same time, she is younger than her. This was an unpleasant surprise for her,” insiders shared in a conversation with Page Six . At the same time, other sources believe that the former spouses will spend Halloween together again, just like last year. And, of course, there will be no place for Gigi there.

There is every chance of winning back your ex-spouse

Interestingly, the very fact that Irina Shayk is jealous of Cooper and Hadid may seem meaningless. Firstly, it was she who brought the actor and her young colleague together. Secondly, after a summer of fun with her ex-husband, the celebrity began dating athlete Tom Brady. Unfortunately, this relationship did not last long. You see, Irina herself still has feelings for Bradley. And Tom’s ex, Gisele Bündchen, was clearly not happy to see her ex-husband in the arms of another.

As a result, after breaking up with the athlete, Shayk began to do everything so that Cooper would pay attention to her. Thus, Internet users and the foreign press have noticed that lately the supermodel has been trying to choose only the best outfits even when going out. „It’s like she’s saying, ‚Listen, baby, I’m still hot!‘ “, say insiders.

And while some think that Irina has every chance of returning her “prodigal” ex to her arms, others express doubts. You see, the romance between Bradley Cooper and Gigi Hadid is only gaining momentum. For example, they were recently caught at Taylor Swift’s mansion. The paparazzi believe that the singer provided her home for the lovers as a secret meeting place. But it’s obviously impossible to say anything with certainty before official comments.

What do you think about this? Will Sheik be able to return everything to normal? Or maybe it’s worth letting your ex-husband go into the arms of a young star? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.

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