Antonio Banderas has lost a lot. Fans don’t recognize him in recent photos.

As you probably know, none of us last forever. Nevertheless, it is incredibly painful to watch how the idols of our youth or even childhood grow old. For example, the Internet was recently stunned by new photos of Antonio Banderas. What can we say, users literally cannot recognize the star of the film “The Mask of Zorro” in the pictures. Details, as always, in the next few minutes.

Photo by Antonio Banderas

Perhaps everyone who follows celebrities cannot help but notice how they all change over the years. Of course, among the stars there are many who practically never leave the offices of surgeons and cosmetologists. For example, looking at Brad Pitt, it’s hard to believe that on December 18 he will turn 60 years old. But Angelina Jolie’s ex-husband clearly looks much younger, doesn’t he?

Of course, there are exceptions to the rules. The first one that comes to mind is none other than Monica Bellucci. The Italian actress is only a year younger than Pitt, but she can boast of her beauty clearly not thanks to surgeons, but to her own genes. And the fashion model is not going to experiment with all sorts of drugs.

Therefore, it is not at all surprising that, against their background, photos of Antonio Banderas caused such a strong resonance on the Internet. You see, not long ago the actor was photographed at an event. It took place, by the way, in the Spaniard’s hometown of Malaga. And, importantly, the meeting was dedicated specifically to the star of the film “Spy Kids”.

“But he has a twinkle in his eye”

It’s easy to see that Antonio has lost a lot lately. Considering that he has been one of the film industry’s top hunks for many years, it’s quite unusual to see him aged, isn’t it? In addition, according to some commentators, today Banderas resembles the father of his colleague, Pedro Pascal. Interestingly, the difference in their ages is only 15 years.

“The most painful thing is to look at the aging sex symbols of the era. Macho Antonio Banderas in new photos from Malaga is purely kind, like Pedro Pascal’s dad,” “Our crushes grow old with us. Recent photos of 63-year-old Antonio Banderas”, “Spanish Cardinal Richelieu”, “ He really looks like a grandfather. It seems like he’s still 73,” “But he has a twinkle in his eye. Look how he dances.“

It is worth noting that health complications could play a significant role here. As you know, Antonio suffered a heart attack in 2017. The Spaniard was then taken to the hospital with severe chest pain. Fortunately, everything worked out fine. But subsequently, the actor admitted more than once that this was precisely what made him look at life again and begin to appreciate it more.

What do you think of Banderas‘ new photos? Does he really look that terrible, or does it all depend on the lighting? Don’t forget to share your opinion in the comments.

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