What is Camilla really like, who is hated by half of the UK?

Queen Camilla, Charles’s beloved , has a very controversial reputation in her native country. Half of the British hate Camilla, another third grudgingly tolerate it. But those who remain consider her an ideal life partner for the King of Great Britain! This result is no small achievement for someone whom 20 years ago 95% of the country’s population would have happily sent to the stake. But Queen Camilla has a lot of patience and hard work.

Queen Camilla: what is she really like?

A complicated story

For many British people, Camilla forever remained a homewrecker who destroyed the marriage of Charles and Diana . But the situation there was much more complicated than it seems to us now. You see, Charles dated Camilla long before he met Diana. Moreover, the prince would happily marry his beloved !

Alas, the Queen vetoed this move. Elizabeth could not allow the heir to the throne to marry a divorced woman with two children . But no royal decree could cancel Charles‘ feelings for Camilla. That is why the royal court subsequently greatly regretted this ban.

Confrontation with Diana

The Queen of Hearts knew that her husband had previously dated Camilla . Diana, insecure, was very jealous of Madame Parker-Bowles for her husband. But at the same time, she did not hesitate to periodically call Camilla and ask her for advice on how to behave with Charles. Typically, the prince’s former lover willingly shared information with Diana.

Royal biographers and nosy journalists dug their noses into the ground trying to find information compromising Camilla . Nevertheless, experts agree on one thing: Charles returned to his former lover only in 1986, when all his attempts to reconcile with Diana failed and the marriage was bursting at the seams.

Important Details

So, in the eyes of the British, Camilla still remained a homewrecker . And this despite the fact that Madame Parker-Bowles made a lot of efforts to strengthen the marriage of Charles and Diana. But why did Camilla do that? You see, the woman’s numerous friends and acquaintances unanimously characterize the new ruler of Britain as a person with an exceptional sense of duty.

According to friends and relatives, Queen Camilla is always benevolent and always does what is required of her. Moreover, in this regard, Camilla is praised even by those who, it would seem, should have quarreled with her a long time ago! The conversation with Sarah Parker-Bowles, the ex-wife of Camilla’s son Tom, became very typical for the paparazzi.

Unusual interview

Sarah Parker Bowles is a successful journalist, fashion editor-in-chief, and does not depend on the favors of the royal family. The woman divorced Camilla’s son in 2022, when the couple’s relationship finally came to an end. Usually in such situations, women are not inclined to praise their former mothers-in-law. But Sarah’s case turned out to be an exception to the rule!

According to Sarah, it was always easy to find a common language with her mother-in-law . And Queen Camilla turned out to be the perfect grandmother! “ Our quarrels with Tom never affected my relationship with Camilla. And even after the divorce, Tom’s mother continued to regularly visit and communicate with her grandchildren, Lola and Freddie .” Well, when Sarah was asked directly what she thought about Camilla, the journalist just smiled: “They talk all sorts of things about her. But not one of those who knows Camilla personally will say a single bad word about her. She is a wonderful person! „Here’s a review of your ex-mother-in-law!

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