Beckham’s mistress insists that he cheated on his wife not only with her.

You’ve probably already heard about the acclaimed documentary about the Beckham family, haven’t you? This is not surprising, because according to official data from the streaming company Netflix alone, the story of the star couple was watched by several million viewers around the world. However, it appears that there are some things left unsaid. What we are talking about and what Rebecca Loos told us about David Beckham, you will find out with us in the next couple of minutes.

Rebecca Loos on David Beckham

There is no point in denying the simple fact that the documentary about the Beckhams, released on Netflix, stirred up the public. After all, David and Victoria , for the first time in 20 years, revealed the secret of how they managed to overcome a difficult crisis in their relationship. Of course, we are talking about the footballer’s infidelity with his assistant Rebecca Loos in 2003.

And while the athlete not only worked to save the marriage, but also tried to rehabilitate himself in the eyes of the public, Loss was hit with a barrage of criticism. What can we say, the girl began to be considered a homewrecker and even a predator. It got to the point that Rebecca couldn’t even calmly go shopping. Loyal fans of the British couple followed her everywhere.

However, after the release of the documentary, the football player’s former assistant decided to finally put an end to this matter. Thus, Rebecca Loos, speaking about David Beckham, admitted to the Daily Mail that the Briton should stop pretending to be an innocent victim of circumstances. You see, Loos was not the only lover of the athlete during his stay in Spain.

“It hurt me so much”

It all happened during a party in honor of Cristiano Ronaldo’s birthday. That evening, according to Rebecca, David paid attention not to her at all, but to a Spanish model. It is worth noting that Beckham ’s romance with Loos was in full swing at that moment. At some point, the man and his new passion left. Meanwhile, Victoria called Rebecca, demanding to call her husband on the phone.


Having stumbled upon Beckham’s bodyguards near one of the rooms, Loos, opening the doors, saw the same model. The girl was lying on the bed. “It hurt me so much. It was a terrible feeling. And I thought to myself: “You’re just an idiot.” Now David speaks out in the spirit of “Oh, I’m poor, unhappy.” But he must take responsibility. Of course, he can say whatever he wants. And I understand that he needs to protect his image. But he makes himself out to be a victim and me as a liar. It is not right“.

It is noteworthy that since the release of the documentary, a new wave of hate has hit Loos. However, fortunately, more and more people are taking her side. So, some Internet users believe that all this was too long ago and it’s time to leave Beckham’s former assistant alone. Others have noticed that the women who write about mental health on their blogs are the first to become haters.

I wonder what you think about this situation? Are you ready to blame only David or Rebecca? Share your opinion with us in the comments.

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