A challenging puzzle can lift your spirits, and it’s scientifically proven. And regularly solving difficult tasks will also make you more alert and smart. The website jagranjosh.com offers an interesting task for those who want to test their ‚detective skills‘.

An image is provided in which a boy can be seen reading a book on a chair. Nearby there is a bookcase with books and a red cat. The image may look simple, but this is only at first glance. If you look closely, you will see that there is something wrong with this drawing.

You are required to find what exactly is wrong in this image. The game will become even more interesting if you try to do it in a limited time.

If you can spot an error in an image within 6 seconds, you definitely have a „detective brain,“ the authors say. Set a timer and get started. And below you will find the correct answer.

In this puzzle you needed to find the mistake. It was hidden in the image of the clock at the top of the picture. The numbers „3“ and „8“ on this watch are out of place.