At night, a thief snuck into the Beckhams‘ house and ransacked one of the bedrooms of their mansion.

The other day it became known that David Beckham’s house was robbed, and this happened at the end of February. It seems that the ex-football player did not want this information to become public. Or maybe he just understood that it wasn’t that important right now. After all, David is also one of those stars who tries to help Ukrainians.

British tabloids write that the incident occurred on the night of February 28. An intruder or group of people entered the mansion through a bedroom window, cleaned out one room and fled. The most monstrous thing in this story is that David and his wife and 10-year-old daughter were sleeping in their rooms at that time.

The son of a football player, Cruz, discovered that the window on the top floor was broken. Only then did the family call the police, but they failed to find the thieves. According to sources, the thieves took away tens of thousands of pounds worth of valuables and equipment. However, the Beckhams claim that nothing very valuable was stolen.

London police confirmed the theft and began an investigation. Apparently, the football player’s family became the victim of a gang of criminals who had previously tried to rob several more houses located in the neighborhood. Warnings of attempted break-ins were recorded by the police.


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And for this reason they write that David is furious. He paid a substantial sum to ensure the safety of his family and property. But, as this case showed, it was completely in vain. The footballer had to pay more for the company providing security for the mansion to conduct an extraordinary check of the systems.

The couple purchased the mansion in West London back in 2013. It cost them £31 million, and David spent another £8 million to convert the house into a home for his family. And this is the main place where the Beckhams live most of the time. So it’s understandable why David is so angry.

Even after David Beckham was robbed in his own home, the family is unlikely to change their place of residence. Most likely, David will now be much more careful in choosing the protection of his home. Still, a man is obliged to protect his family.

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