Actress Shannen Doherty showed people what could be more important than an Oscar in one photo.

The Oscars in 2022 were definitely not a success. Apart from the frankly staged scandal involving Will Smith, there was nothing worthy of public attention. Even Prince Harry and Meghan Markle did not pay attention to the ceremony! And the public now somehow has no time for pompous and empty praises. Well, actress Shannen Doherty spoke out most clearly: “There’s nothing to say about the Oscars. Remember what is truly important now!”

Shannen Doherty on Oscar: „Meanwhile in the news…“

The main holiday of the film academy

The Oscar ceremony has long been criticized by a huge number of people. Everyone agrees on one thing: the main holiday of the US Film Academy is frankly outdated. And at the same time, it is rotten through and through: the once independent jury has long turned into a weak-willed toy of moneybags.

Gold-plated award statuettes are often given simply to people who, in the opinion of academics, would be “fit” to receive the award. There is no longer any talk about the skills of the nominees. Well, the audience at the show is mainly interested not in the awards themselves, but in the dresses of the beauties gathered in the hall. And, of course, traditional scandals !

Total show off

This year, however, there were few dresses and scandals. Even Chris Rock’s bad joke about Will Smith’s wife and the actor’s response to the offender looked frankly forced. Especially considering the fact that Rock and Smith have been family friends for a long time…

Nevertheless, the public, yearning for social news, joyfully rushed to discuss the fight under the spotlights. As if there weren’t enough more worthy topics to discuss in the world! Luckily, people were quickly reminded of what really matters right now . And actress Shannen Doherty spoke out most clearly, but at the same time extremely succinctly.

That’s what really matters!

The war unleashed by Russia in Ukraine occupies the hearts and minds of millions of people around the world. Thousands of celebrities are doing their best to help Ukrainians fight off “good neighborly” aggression. Shannen was one of the first to support Ukraine and still provides all possible assistance to the war-torn country.

The actress is convinced that in such conditions it is simply unacceptable to happily discuss secular gossip . Demonstrating the absurdity of what was happening, Shannen posted a two-photo post on Instagram. In the first, Chris Rock gets slapped in the face by Will Smith. And the second one shows another innocent victim of the war in Ukraine!

Bitter words

“Meanwhile, in the news: people are still dying in Ukraine , ” the star succinctly signed her post. And this opinion of Shannen Doherty about the Oscars is shared by millions of people! In fact, it will be possible to take an interest in secular gossip even after the end of the war. They are definitely not going anywhere…

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