Why did the sons of the legendary Alain Delon go all out?

The name of Alain Delon has not left the front pages of major magazines in recent months. The news that the French cinema legend intends to undergo euthanasia is still being discussed by society. Interest is also fueled by the fact that Alain Delon’s children did not support their father in his intentions. Only daughter Anushka agreed to accompany the actor on his final journey. And, if you look at it, then all this is not without reason.

The French actor has never been an exemplary father. He has a very difficult relationship with his children, perhaps with the exception of his youngest daughter. Neither his many passions, nor the women who gave him heirs, nor the heirs themselves were able to melt Delon’s heart. Let us remember how his relationship with his children developed.

Children of Alain Delon

Christian Aaron Boulogne

Delon’s first son was never recognized as his father. His mother was the German singer Nico, with whom the actor had an affair in 1962. Despite the fact that Alain never recognized his son, the actor’s parents took him under their wing. They didn’t like the singer’s wild lifestyle, so they took the child from her.


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However, even this did not melt the actor’s heart. When he came to visit, he pretended that the guy simply did not exist. And the longest conversation between them took place at his mother’s funeral, when Alain asked Christian to never call him father. Actually, the guy later admitted that Delon had not existed for him for many, many years, but these years simply did not pass. Due to the trauma inflicted by his father, Christian suffered a stroke, was treated in a clinic and now lives on disability benefits.


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Anthony Delon

Actress Nathalie Barthelemy gave the actor his second child. As Anthony himself recalled, after the divorce he was literally left to his own devices, but he was always afraid of his father, who was a very cold and domineering person. When the boy turned 14, Alain took him to Paris and tried to place him in some boarding school. But the guy was thrown out from everywhere, and he and his father often quarreled over this.

By the age of 18, Anthony became involved with a drug company and was soon arrested for car theft and illegal possession of weapons. The guy received 10 months in prison, but only served one. A year later, he already became the head of a clothing company, but in fact he was only a front; the company soon went bankrupt. And since 1985, Anthony Delon lived in Hollywood and tried to build his acting career.


In 1994, Alain Delon had a third son with fashion model Rosalie van Bremen. She wanted the guy to become an actor, so in his youth Alain-Fabien played with his father. However, the boy soon became addicted to drugs, and his mother sent him to rehab. This greatly hurt Alain, he sued for the rights to the child and took the guy home. But then a new tragedy followed.

Alain-Fabien stole his father’s gun and accidentally shot the girl. The actor managed to hush up the scandal; the Delons got away with only heavy fines. But it seems that this story taught Alain-Fabien a lot. He tried many jobs until he began to build his career in the modeling business, where he now enjoys some success.

Alain Delon’s children don’t really love their father. Except perhaps for his daughter, with whom the actor managed to build a warm parental relationship. But the legend of French cinema was never able to become a real father for his sons.

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