Why 57-year-old Monica Bellucci is only glad that she is not getting younger.

Many people only dream about the success of Monica Bellucci . But no matter what heights the Italian legend reaches, she prefers not to stop. So, Monica decided to try herself in a completely new acting role and star in an action thriller. Monica Bellucci in the new film “Flashback” will appear on the big screens very soon. And, most likely, you will be quite surprised after watching it. After all, fans have never seen the actress in such a role.

Monica Bellucci in the new film: the actress spoke about her role, aging and her attitude towards it

The film „Flashback“ hits theaters on May 12. And in it Monica Bellucci played one of the main roles – along with Liam Neeson. The actress’s character’s name is Davana Silman, and she is a real demon who hides under the guise of a successful businesswoman with a brilliant reputation. This demon will be confronted by the hero of Liam Neeson, who, although he works as a killer, still has his own moral code. Unlike Davana.

I won’t go into the plot of the film in case you want to watch it later. It’s better to talk about Monica Bellucci’s interview, in which she talked about her new role. Filming Flashback allowed Monica to break the mold that many may have attached to her. The actress rarely got the role of antagonists, but this time everything is different. Interestingly, 57-year-old Bellucci even agreed to gain weight for the role. She was not embarrassed by the fact that she had to play a woman who was far from fresh. This is worth talking about in more detail, because Monica has a special attitude towards aging and age-related changes.

How Monica Bellucci is fundamentally different from her new heroine

Davana, played by Monica, is obsessed with anti-aging . She dreams of living until she is 135 and controlling everything in her life, even time. Monica herself is absolutely calm about the fact that not only her appearance, but also her worldview changes over the years. In addition, the actress is even happy about this, because age and experience have opened up a lot for her.

“Age has given me new_opportunities, access to diverse_roles. The role of Davana_Silman in “Flashback”_is like the key_to_a_new door for me ,” says Monica. She also added that she is playing the main role in the play “Maria Callas: Letters_and_Memoirs.” Monica emphasizes that in her youth she would not have been able to successfully portray such roles. After all, they require not only the talent of an actress and a suitable appearance. This requires life experience , because the actress must first of all understand her heroines herself.

In an interview, Monica, without a moment’s doubt, stated that she would_not_want_to_live to be 135 years old . “People who are control freaks often want to live forever. But this is impossible ,” said the actress. She emphasized that her character in the film is crazy, she is a control freak and thinks that money will help her. “Not everything can be solved with money ,” – 57 years of life have led Monica to this conclusion.

What was it like for Monica during the filming of the new film?

The actress really wanted to work with director Martin Campbell . Therefore, she had little doubt whether to accept the offer to star in Flashback. “I came_to_this_project because I wanted to work_with_Martin. I respect him very_much. He is one_of_those_directors who, standing behind_the_camera, knows exactly how to captivate_the_viewer ,” the actress shared.

Monica also wanted to work with Liam Neeson. And she was completely satisfied with this cooperation. In addition, as Bellucci said, she and Liam managed to communicate not only in front of the cameras. They talked a lot during breaks on the set. “He is an incredibly_deep and emotional_person. What didn’t_we_discuss with him! He is very humane, sensitive_and_delicate. I liked communicating with him,” Monica said about Liam.

I can’t wait to see the new film with Monica Bellucci. And, frankly, it seems to me that no matter how old the actress is, she will always remain an example of refined talent and a woman with a capital “W.”

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