Diabetes, encephalomyelitis and other diseases that celebrities hid for years.

Most people have the misleading impression that all celebrities live in chocolate. Considering their level of income, you might actually think that they don’t have any problems. But that’s not true. We forget that they are people first and foremost, which means they can also be unhappy, depressed or lonely, or even sick. Someone will reasonably note that money reduces the chances of all this and they will be right. But they only reduce it, not completely remove it. Many celebrities suffer from incurable diseases. And here, for example, what is wrong with the stars, whose life seems simply heavenly to us.

What is wrong with the stars?


Never fading, Cher actually makes Herculean efforts to stay afloat. Quite a long time ago, the star was diagnosed with a severe form of myalgic encephalomyelitis. This means that the singer constantly suffers from body pain, chronic fatigue and loss of strength. But despite this, Cher keeps a smile on her face.

Julia Roberts

In 2002, the actress began to have health problems, but she attributed everything to fatigue from filming. When it became clear that this was not the case, I had to go to the hospital. And there an unpleasant diagnosis awaited her: thrombocytopenia. There are not enough platelets in her blood, and this not only has a bad effect on her health in general, but also the blood almost does not clot. Therefore, now the actress is very careful with sharp objects and promotes a more attentive attitude to her health.

Michael J Fox

For more than ten years, Marty McFly has been battling Parkinson’s disease. Many believed that the actor’s career would soon come to an end, but Michael did not give up. Yes, acting has become much more difficult, but the actor is still not going to stop. Although in recent years he has not been a frequent guest in the cinema.

Hugh Jackman

The Australian actor has been fighting basal cell carcinoma or skin cancer for a long time and almost unsuccessfully. Hugh has undergone chemotherapy, surgery and other treatments more than once, but the disease does not go away completely. However, the actor does not hang his nose and every time assures fans that everything will be fine.

Charlie Sheen

In 2015, Charlie Sheen admitted that he had been hiding from everyone for many years that he had HIV. The actor even had to pay blackmailers so that they would not reveal his terrible secret. However, after the confession, the actor was finally able to breathe deeply. Charlie is constantly looking for a cure and has already tried more than a dozen unconventional methods. Alas, no success so far.

Tom Hanks

In 2013, Tom Hanks learned that he had stage II diabetes. The actor is sure that he himself is to blame for this, because in his youth he took little care of his own health. However, everything changed after the diagnosis, now Hanks is careful about his health, diet and lifestyle.

Halle Berry

The famous actress also faced diabetes. When she was 23 years old, she unexpectedly collapsed during filming and was hospitalized. And there she was diagnosed with diabetes. This came as a real shock to Holly, but she was soon able to pull herself together and change her lifestyle for the better. Today in an interview she admits that sport greatly helps her move on.

Health, as you know, is one of those things that cannot be bought. This means that similar situations can happen to any of us. There are still enough incurable diseases in the world that no amount of money in the world can help.

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