Each person makes this or that choice for a reason – our preferences are determined by the character and characteristics of the individual. By what exactly a person likes, you can learn a lot of interesting things about him. Take a quick personality type test and you will be surprised.

What is your personality type – leaf test

There are different personality types – a picture test will help you determine which one you belong to. First, you need to look carefully at the image, and then choose one of the leaves – the one you liked the most. The test transcript is given below.

  • 1 – First sheet

You are an extrovert who enjoys being the center of attention and interacting with people. You are easily amused and susceptible to mood swings. Love to explore the world and learn new things. Risk gives you emotional nourishment; you begin to get bored in the routine. Live spontaneously, without thinking about what will happen tomorrow. You don’t like to plan anything, but you watch with interest what and how the new day greets you.

  • 2 – Second sheet

You are an optimist, a very positive person, you know how to find the positive side even in the most difficult situations. You radiate calm and can bring others to their senses. Never panic, you know that everything is done for the better. You have a good sense of humor, excellent charisma and a high level of intelligence. You bring good to people and never tire of working for your dreams. You can support those in need even to your own detriment, but it still brings you pleasure.

  • 3 – Third sheet

You are a peaceful person who always seeks peace and harmony. For you, any unforeseen circumstances are stressful, so you try to avoid conflicts and unplanned situations. You can be called a quiet and reserved interlocutor, but at the same time you are constantly learning – you never miss an opportunity to learn something new. The energy of warmth and love emanates from you, so, as a rule, you are very happy in your personal life.

  • 4 – Fourth sheet

You are an idealist who lives with strong moral principles. You are slow-moving, have a hard time with changes in life, and even more difficult to change your point of view. You have a keen sense of justice, but there is a need to care for other people. You are a born leader, so in critical situations you take the reins into your own hands. You know how to listen to people, so those around you trust you and consider you a good friend.

  • 5 – Fifth sheet

You are a very creative person, imaginative and sophisticated – these are your greatest strengths. You are an extrovert and an introvert at the same time, have crazy charisma and a strong personality. You love freedom and don’t particularly need society, so spend your weekends more often on your own. You easily adapt to any circumstances and are open to new experiences and experiments.

  • 6 – Sixth sheet

You are an incredibly honest person, this quality is your best asset. You do not know how and do not like to lie, manipulate, or use other people for your own purposes. Truth and loyalty are what help you achieve your goals, as well as composure. You don’t harm anyone and believe in treating people the way you want to be treated. People around you consider you an intelligent and spontaneous person – you do not hide anything and this commands respect.