30 years younger. Jennifer Lopez’s ex-husband marries a young beauty.

While Jennifer Lopez is actively improving her personal_life with Ben_Affleck , her exes are also not far behind. So, singer_Marc_Anthony , with whom Lopez spent_10_years of marriage, is getting married . And his chosen one is not some simpleton, but Miss Universe 2021. Fans of both Anthony and Lopez are buzzing about this news, especially after seeing the engagement ring that Mark gave to his beloved. It is very reminiscent of another piece of jewelry – the ring that Anthony once gave to JLo.

Marc_Anthony marries_a_young_beauty

53-year-old Marc Anthony is not wasting any time. In his sixties, the man decided to marry for the fourth_time . The future Mrs. Anthony will be Paraguayan_fashion_model_Nadia_Ferreira. The girl, at 23 (yes, all ages are submissive to love), has already managed to build a good career in the modeling business. She was also crowned Miss Universe in 2021.

Mark, as you can see, doesn’t choose simpletons for himself. His first_wife_was_Dayanara Torres, another Miss Universe. Then Jennifer Lopez. She needs_no_introduction, because who doesn’t know J.Lo. Anthony entered into his third marriage with model Shannon de Lima. True, so far love to the death has not happened to Mark. All his marriages broke up sooner or later. Maybe you’ll be lucky with Nadya. But Anthony has plenty of heirs. In each marriage he had children. Now Mark has six offspring (including two born in marriage with J. Lo ).

When is the wedding

The fact that Marc Anthony and Nadia Ferreira are going to get married became known from social networks. The singer’s happy future wife could not resist showing off her precious ring from her lover to her subscribers . The decoration, by the way, is estimated at half a million dollars. Eh, you can’t stop living beautifully.

Nadya posted a photo online showing her hand in Marc Anthony’s hand. There is a ring on the finger. Ferreira_captioned the photo quite succinctly: “Engagement_party . ” And three_more_exclamation marks – it’s clear that the model is very happy about this event. Now the lovers are relaxing at the resort. Well, it’s a great time to get to know each other better while lounging on beaches and yachts.

Perhaps the wedding will take place very soon. After all, Marc Anthony doesn’t like to pull the cat by the tail. He is known for making important decisions_quickly_and_without_hesitation. The fact that the couple has only been in a relationship for a few months confirms this perfectly. What’s more, I’ve been divorced three times, I have nothing to lose. By the way, Mark also quickly began a serious relationship with JLo: they got married literally a week after Anthony’s official divorce from his previous wife.

Marc Anthony was able to maintain a warm relationship with Jennifer Lopez. There were no scandals , which so often happen to famous couples after a divorce. This is not Johnny Depp with Amber Heard . We hope that everything will be fine with Nadya and that none of them will have to pick up their hearts piece by piece later.

We’ll be looking forward to news about the wedding. Follow along with us.

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