Why Tom Cruise has been sulking at the Beckhams for years.

As it became known, Tom Cruise is offended by the Beckhams. The dissatisfaction of the star of the film “Mission Impossible” has been going on for more than ten years. But what could happen between the celebrities? You will learn the answer to this question and the assumptions of some Internet users with us in the next few minutes.

Tom Cruise is offended by the Beckhams

It’s no secret that in 2007, David Beckham signed a contract with Los Angeles Galaxy. At that time, for the athlete and his wife it was like a breath of fresh air. After all, in Spain the star couple had a hard time due to lack of knowledge of the language. The presence of a mistress here also added fuel to the fire, because of whom the marriage of David and Victoria was almost on the verge of divorce .

But in the USA they did not have any special connections or acquaintances. This means that everything had to start all over again. The only consolation was the same language environment. Nevertheless, help came from unexpected places. You see, Tom Cruise volunteered to support the star couple and help with the move. What can we say, the “Mission: Impossible” star even threw a grand party in their honor, inviting the entire “Hollywood crowd.”

And, of course, Cruise, along with Katie Holmes and the Beckhams, began to become family friends, becoming truly close friends. But this friendship ended as suddenly as it began. The fans did not hear any explanations. And journalists, trying to unearth the truth, were also left with no luck. However, as it turned out, there was still a reason for the “breakup”.

He’s not going to forgive

“Tom did everything for them when they first moved to Los Angeles. He practically gave them the keys to the city. I threw a party for them to introduce them to all the important people. And as soon as they established themselves, they abandoned him!  – assures the insider in a conversation with Mirror . Therefore, it should not be surprising that Tom Cruise has been offended by the Beckhams for many years.

As some Internet users suggest, the reason for this was the actor’s passion for Scientology . By the way, the couple themselves reported this, admitting in one of their interviews that Cruz more than once tried to convince them to join the values ​​of his church. At some point, the Beckhams decided that they had no choice but to stop all communication with Tom.

“He’s still angry and doesn’t intend to be friends with them anymore. David and Victoria tried to improve their relationship some time ago. But Tom ignored them. Therefore, it is quite logical that they did not invite him anywhere. Tom believes that they should have tried better,” the insider shared in a conversation with reporters. See, according to the source, Cruise feels „used.“ As a result, the man is not going to forgive his former friends to this day.

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